Is this a raid bug or just unlucky?

I Know raids is part of the game but all this in 5 hrs since last login ! ! ! !

I didn’t screen shot every page screen as there would of been 5 images


It depends on how high you were in Diamond. This is a tad worse than what I’ve seen, but not enough to think it’s a bug. Just tough luck as multiple raid attacks happened simultaneously while you had a higher cup count.


As you can see a won a good few as well but now I’m at 2127 cups :disappointed::disappointed:

In total 34 raids 16 successfully defended 18 losses and I am still down 429 ! !

If you averaged about 20 cups per defense & 35 per loss you’re looking at a net cup loss of 310, so like I mentioned, 429 is a little higher than usual but still not unbelievable.

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Did you set a different defence team?
Titan team by accident or something like that?
It’s a lot of cups but not unrealistic much.


@HarryDeB, that used to be my biggest mistake. My Titan or attack team of stack elements was set as my defense. I’d wake up in the morning down at least 100-200 cups. It was Christmas for the raiders :joy:

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The higher I go in Diamond it seems like the further I fall. If I push really high I can actually get bumped out of Diamond too down to 2350 or so. If I only go up to 2650 I get hit a bit but not like if I push above there.

I think the pages are so full because you won a bit. That one page you showed is quite a bit of wins. Only 24 of the 429 you lost are on the first page so I am guessing the other pages are similar. You must have a nice defense to win that much at that level and not just get pushed down by 400 cups.

I usually have a few wins on the decent but nothing like this. I never worry since I can always win them back. See ya in the arena!!!

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That will help you or at least find some fellow raiders:

Nope my defence team hasn’t changed in over a week ,

In total I won 312 cups but lost 741 cups ! !


Most I’ve seen so far is a -828 drop, which is mind blowing, even if the fall did not originate in diamond but took the victim from gold to bronze, jumping the whole silver arena in the process… far as I know I hold the record for the diamond arena falls with a -655 cup drop from high diamond to platinum. Somebody might proove me wrong any day though…


It is not bugs and also not unlucky either, but a complete normal by design.

I know this seems brutal buddy but my husband has this exact same problem.
Even just logging off for 10 minutes to the extent that he gets raided while online and although we know that should not be possible it happens every day.

All I can say is I hope you “revenge attack” at least some of them to get your stash back.

I dropped -690 cups while in diamond. Almost put me back in gold. and that was within about 30 minutes

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Even with wins, I can probably guess with your defense wins you went past 2700 trophies.

The moment you go past that number, enemy boards somehow becomes very good.
Also, what was your defense lineup. To be able to win that many times means your defense is solid. Just unlucky to lose to those with lower cups than yours which is normal.