Is This a Proper and Basic Defence Setup?

“Tank” multi hit in the middle, flanked by two healers, then flanked by two single shot heroes?

This combo provides heal, defense down, attack up, whatever Sabina does to take away their buffs, and mana reduction.

And before anybody says anything like “You shouldn’t have put so many emblems on 4* heroes.” Yeah I read a couple of threads on that and whatever but, I did it anyway. lol

The only have two 5* heroes at the moment, Zocc and Zulag (who’s not even close) and they don’t utilize the same emblems as what I’ve placed on these others.

Anyway I guess my question is, is this a proper defense set up in general?

I’d really like my middle guy to be one of those counterattack or “spread the damage between people” heroes, but I don’t have one of those.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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Good to have the moves that help the team go first. I’d do Kiril-Gormek-Sabina-Chao-Zocc.


I disagree and I’d keep Gormek as tank. Can you show us your bench? It will help expand on options.


Gormek as tank is fine for where you’re at; without knowing your roster can’t make a lot of suggestions.

I would look at replacing either Kiril or Sabina. Two healers makes you an easy target IMO. Not enough damage output. But it may be the best you can do right now.

Beyond that, consider firing order. They fire left to right, so right now Chao will fire first. If he is debuffed or the enemy has defense/counterattack buffs he’s less effective. I might consider putting Kiril-Sabina first, although I’m not a fan of both on one side.

Play around with it and see how you do overnight with different configurations.

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Seeing your other heros, would get you informed advice. Only problem with Gormek as tank is his higher HP, which in turn means your team is worth more points to the opposition. Assuming this is the setup for war defense.

Healers at tank tend to be meat shields, so attackers just throw tiles at the tank while levelling up mana to use their specials.

In answer to your question… Who else do you have :thinking:?

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I don’t even know who all I have anymore. It’s just gotten kind of confusing because I have like 47 or 50 something heroes. Maybe 10 or 12 of those are 4*, three of them are 5*, and the rest are 3*.

The more heroes I gained, the more this whole thing got confusing lol.

Without screenshotting my whole roster I’m not even sure where to begin on who all I have.

My apologies for being so noob at all this :pensive:

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