Is this a joke? Reward for killing 500 titans… 30 diamonds

Just got reward for killing 500 titans… 30 diamonds. It suppose to be 3000. It takes years to kill 500 titans. This is bad joke.


Rewards are terrible in missions. And not just there.


Where did you ever get the impression that it was 3000?

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Ha! I’m 6 titans short, just checked! Hope they fix it by next week, could use 3000 gems… wondering what was going round their heads when they set this reward…

A few years back. Small Giant headquaters. Inner circle secret meeting.

" - Hmmm… how should we reward our loyal player base that keeps playing every day for years in order to kill 500 titans?
- Let’s give them 35 gems each for this acomplishment!
- Whaaaaat?! You insane?! 35 gems!!! That’s outrageous! 30! Not one gem more! That settles it! Meeting adjourned!"


It’s the carrot/stick approach. They take a carrot and stick it u…


Ironic… I’m approaching 500 titans too and thought about how paltry the 30 gem reward is. Especially when you consider summonses gets you more gems. :thinking: Surprised?! Sadly, no :sweat:.


It was a typo when they coded the reward, it was only ever meant to be 3 gems.

Still, on the bright side, the generous devs can now amend it to the original intended amount, as you’ve obviously highlighted an in game bug. :upside_down_face:


Going to be great when I finally get there!


It can take around 475-ish to 600-ish days of no-miss Titan slaying from day 1 that you can join an alliance, to earn these 30 gems. That’s also taking into account that sometimes Titans escape, and you cannot speed up Titans appearances if stay in the same alliance, and the devs at some point implemented the Titan cool-down timer that discouraged mercing.

It is one of the most Debbie Downer of rewards in the missions log, this and the harvesting 1 million hams mission.

You get the same amount of gems (if not more) for watching the Mystic Vision at least once a day for 30 days. Shows how much the game values game-loyalty, doesn’t it?


And which one would you possibly spend money to complete….

Who me?! Neither… F2P :wink:

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Not you personally. But summons mission “you” as in a random person might spend money to complete it as opposed to titan mission where you wouldn’t.

IMHO I can’t imagine P2P players would be motivated by the summonses achievement, especially if chasing the latest, must have hero :thinking:. F2P, when every gem counts… perhaps more motivated but not paying for the privilege.

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Hahaha… And after that there fine reward… No more!!!

I am on 837 Titan Kills and if I remember correctly, 500 was the last level for "Reward"

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For me doing the missions are just an OCD Thing. Like why I like doing all the valor tasks and ticking the boxes. Also the avatar missions give a focus to my farming, so I just do those levels to finish the mission and I don’t spend any time working out what to farm. That’s one reason I’m glad there’s no wait for S4 and new levels, I can go back to finishing those levels, then the hard version, then the missions then I’ll go back to finishing S3 missions until the next release of S4 levels. Rinse and repeat.


Since titans should be killed anyway, that 30 gems is a nice bonus to the loot. I am fine with it as it is. Why 3000?


Why do I hear all these complaints? It’s always wrong. Aren’t you tired of it yourself? Kill 500 titans and expect a big reward. How much do you want? No one forces you to play. And stop whining already.

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It’s Finnish humor. Very dry, and a huge setup for very little reward.

The missions system is a relic of the earliest iterations of the game and the original set of missions haven’t been updated for three years, apart from a reward for completing Season One.

The original missions were an effort to keep new players engaged during the fairly quick early stages and I don’t think the very high level missions, like 500 titans, weren’t really considered.

I really think that this is just an old piece of the game which just hasn’t kept pace with all the new content and is like the bottom draw in the kitchen which never gets organised.


Relic or not, missions system is plain stupid… I never keep track of these so called “missions”, nor do I aim to complete any of them, some of them just get compleated as I paly… others don’t. Bottom line, I find them to be a bad joke.

I don’t think this qualifies as whining, I think it’s common sense. If you’re gonna set a reward for something, make it match the task, or not at all. Awarding 30 gems for killing 500 titans is just like getting a blank piece of paper for your 18’th anniversary… The way you put it it’s like you’ll get to 18 anyway, so why get a present?


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