Is this a good raid/war defense

I’m thinking of making this my raid /war defense team…looking for input or weakness.
from left to right…Sartana 3/70, Kiril 4/70 talent grid 3, Onatel 3/70, Ariel 3/70, Marjana 3/70.
I am close to gathering required materials to ascend sartana…just 1 more trap tools…for Onatel I need 3 poison darts, and for Ariel I need 2 scopes…the idea being I would take all 3 to 4/80. I also have Zimkitha at 4/80 talent grid 1 I could swap for kiril but I thought 2 healers would present problems especially with Ariels mana bonus

Two blue either side of a yellow is a bit of a weakness as it allows for a purple/green stack without penalty.

Kirill is very versatile, but Zimkitty is decent in raids.

I don’t know a huge amount about ariel but as she cleanses…I’d go Zimkitty - Ariel - Onatel - sartana - Marjana

I concur. Mariana is nice and I believe has faster mana regeneration. One point to Zimkitha though is she dispells. Always nice. Sounds like u have a solid D going. Best of luck! :+1: