Is this a dumb idea?

I want this to be my future defensive team

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No. Had MN revive guin 3 times in a raid yesterday ina similar setup(guin tank, mn flank) her 50% resurrection rate is huge and definitely makes her a better flank than alby especially paired with guin tanks

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Will 100% rerolled , for my level now


You’re awfully short on hitters. 3-2 red-purple stack would eat that team for breakfast. I’d use Sartana (or Panther, but I don’t have her), Domitia, Gravemaker, Zim-kitty, and either Aeron, Khiona or Marjana.

Go for it. No team is :100: unbeatable. Think outside the box and be different. Let us know how it goes with that defensive team if you keep it.

This is my current d team. Just want to change it up a bit

I havent change my team in a long time. Dont want to get stale!

Go for it, let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Swap positions of GM and MN; and then swap Alby with Alasie?

Reason is MNs Resurrect is more likely to work, then you can buff resurrected with Alby if timing is right


I think the one with Santana is more intimidating. No problem hitting Guinevere and building a nice table since there’s only 2 hitters. Would have to try though to be sure.

For war it’s doable, for raids every Zimkitha will come in your way with a heavy red stack.

Team looks pretty solid as is


Mother North : Alasie : Guinevere : Gravemaker : Alberich

Mother North has a higher Rez %, this means if MN and Alby Special at the same time she will Rez first and Alby can heal them. If MN does not Rez Alby has a second chance to do so.

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