Is this a bug? Tournaments defense

I’m one of the many that after one day of raid-tournaments haven’t been attacked. So my daily defense grade has been arbitrarily set to C.
Is it correct that someone (a lot actually, from what I see in my alliance and read on the forum) are evaluated based on nothing?
This combined to the apparently random points you get from attacks (random because there’s no clear way to strategically improve the score) makes the overall performance quite unrelated to the players roster and ability, which is a pity given the high expectations for this new kind of events.

p.s. maybe the next days will feature better matching and these problems will be become less and less important as the tournament goes on, but still, 2 players that will perform equally well on the last day which should be the most important, will be discriminated based on their luck in the first days.


Okay, i’m Glad i’m Not alone in this. Three days, zero attacks, AND weak opponents. I’m not a maths genius, but there is no way for me to improve my score. My defense isn’t getting any points and I can’t choose my opponents. Having my opponents with strengths 2/3 of my defense and offense teams is pointless. I don’t think i’ll Be participating in the future. This is ridiculous, and feels rigged even if it isn’t. I have zero ability to control how well or poorly I do.


@Callysta I am hearing you, feels the same for me (and welcome to the forum)

My defense for the tournament is north of 3500 points, all maxed 4 stars with emblems. Doesn’t matter how good your defense is though, if nobody attacks it. And the less said about my raid opponents the better, a speed bump would cause me more inconvenience. Haven’t had one above 3000 TP and most a LOT less.

In summary, I love the idea of this added content, but the delivery is sucking a bit at the moment, perhaps there needs to be some seeding or bands, so that your opponents are somewhere near challenging, but at the moment it’s a cheap way to fill a diamond raid chest, and not much more. I will be unable to get into a decent loot tier even though sitting on 15/15 right now, because the matching seems imbalanced

I do appreciate the effort to offer new content in my fave game, but right now it isn’t right


Yeah, basically matchmaking for this first Tournament is broken.

It’s a bug.

SGG already acknowledged issues and said they’re working on a fix for next time:

See also: [KNOWN ISSUE] Raid Tournament Defense Grade Low Due to Not Being Attacked


& after 3 Battle days…

Not OK

My Global Defense team should be so lucky!

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maybe they forgat to input something? like when you attack a defender, The attack you just made , should count as loss towards the defender. That should eliminate the low lvls and work as intended?

Maybe they should just ad no flag use revenge possibility and matching by teampower with max 10% difference.

Literally everyone in the top 100 shouldn’t even be there the last time I looked. Like none of them even have maxed out heroes. It’s crazy. I kinda think SGG should compensate every person who participated with 1% loot as it’s just not a fair matchmaking system this first time around. I’ve won all 15 attacks so far yet I’m only in the third loot tier lol. The people at the top of the board don’t even have ONE maxed out team of 4* heroes… Hopefully it’s fixed before the next raid tournament.


Yes, it’s a known issue … discussed in this thread


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Thanks, I linked to that thread a few posts above you too. :slight_smile:

At least these tournaments are free.

I’m sure SG will figure it out. it’s an extra fun thing to do here so I hope they keep it


Thanks @zephyr1!
I saw that post by Petri, but it wasn’t available yet at the time of my OP.
I see SGG has done well in the past to address issues experienced by the players and often did a good job, so I’m confident also the tourneys will eventually turn into a more enjoyable event


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