Is this a bug on titan?

Hello all,

Is this a bug on titan or this actually happens, I never saw it in 3 yrs that I play? @Guvnor @Petri @KiraSG @Staff_SGG

We just got 11* rare titan without any mysterious tonic in inventory?

Dont understand your question

Look at the picture, rare titan doesn’t have any 4* mats in inventory and it is rare 11* titan! What don’t you understand!?

No idea what you are talking about

Ok, :joy: I am just wondering if anybody seen it before on rare titan?I think It would be nice if at least rare titan brings 1x4* mat with 100% rate for somebody in alliance.

Unfortunately that is your inventory. It shows zero because you don’t have any tonics currently. :slight_smile:


I don’t think that’s the titan’s inventory… this is your inventory, currently you have zero tonics.


As @ThePirateKing said, that tooltip info displays the number of Tonics in YOUR inventory.

Rare titans do not have an “inventory” of tonics they will drop. It is determined at the time of loot presentation. An additional “roll” is conducted for the bonus material which has a “yes” and “no” outcome. It is rolled individually for each member of the alliance.

So because it is random and individually determined, you could have as many as 30 members getting the bonus item or as few as 0… or anything in-between.

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