Is this a Bug issue(?)

We just defeated the Queen Harpy (5*). One of us was to get a Tabard. No one received a Tabard. Why?

Rare titan loot is not guaranteed


The loot is random, so is the bonus. Maybe some get it, maybe one get it, maybe none get it.


That’s too bad because we used 5 flasks to get the Tabard for one of our team members. Now I’m not sure I want to spend that extra time, flasks, or money on this game.

It’s your choice of course. The general consensus is that this game is not generous with the loots, especially from random sources.

However do try to understand this. Since titan loot is never guaranteed, always pick the titan fights you will win with less resources. Don’t strain your resources to the max otherwise you will usually feel robbed. If you are not yet strong enough to deal with 5* titans without wasting tons of valuable items, find ways to either grow stronger or grow larger as a group.

Killing a titan is literally like giving each one of your alliance a pair of D100 and tell them to roll a very high number, otherwise they will not get anything. Rare titans give you one additional D100 per person but the same crappy percentage rates of winning remain. You just get one more attempt to get a prize, so to speak.

And you get an additional D200 (I guess, could be even higher) on which you have to roll exactly 200 to get that bonus item (Tabard). All of you can get a tabard…if you only can all roll a 200 out of one attempt.

Rare titans have one great thing as part of guaranteed loot - that is emblems. But the quantity of those is also random.

Edit: Spending money on this game is neither necessary nor will give you great benefits, unless you spend large sums of money constantly. And if you do, what is the point of playing. I mean, if you spend a lot, is it actually you that achieve progress in this game or is it your money that do it for you?

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Rare titan worth a try with those emblems. The mats is low chance tho. You can call for mercs if your alliance has trouble taking it down. Many will come to help you guy :slight_smile: (even they won’t get a chance for the bonus) Happy gaming!

Sadly, I’d suggest getting used to that. Some players have never gotten the AM and some alliances go months without any of their members getting it. I don’t know if odds of the bonus item dropping are listed in game, but they must be very low.


Really? We often report rare loot in our alliance chat and one of us usually reports receiving the ‘rare’ item.

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Unfortunately, it’s just a bonus chance to get the rare’s specified mat (when it actually drops, it always appears in the last spot for titan loot). So the entire alliance can, and does miss out on the bonus drop. :disappointed_relieved: Source: past experience in a small alliance

It sounds like you are in a lucky mats alliance though, @sft1965 :star_struck:

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It might seem that way, but if you saw my last 5 Titan chests, you would be horrified, just 1 x 3* unfarmable in 5 chests.

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In our alliance, there are a few instances that we kill rare titans without any of us getting the bonus ascension mat.


The leader and coleaders should lead by example in defeating rare titans. Strong players, mostly in the leadership, are expected to contribute more. Whether they don’t get the bonus rare mat, as long as at least one of their members get it, they should be happy and content since such ascension mat may help their weaker members in improving their roster, thus a benefit redounding to the interest of the alliance.

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I don’t think any of us are keeping track of things but it appears in alliance chat. “Hey, I got the Telescope” or “Huzzah! Mysterious flask”. It does happen but there is no mandatory reporting so I have no idea really to be truthful.


When I was still killing 5* and 6* in my solo alliance I tried to keep track because I had 100% correct info on all accounts that killed a titan since they were all controlled by me. Here is some info:

Flasks and trainers are random, could be there even from very low grade titans. Don’t know the % though.

Rare titans emblems drop is random, as I have seen a B rank getting more emblems than an A+ rank. From 5* and 6* rare titans I’ve seen up to 20 emblems (5, 10 or 20) given to a single account.

4* mat drops are rare, but possible for VII loot tier (B rank from a 6*). Even posted some screenshots about that in a different topic concerning titan loot.

I’ve only seen the bonus item drop once for a side account with B rank no less. Some people stated that the rare mat % drop is higher for lower loot tiers (???). Can’t confirm that.

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Bahhh! I wasn’t supposed to be posting here anymore, but I dropped in to read some stuff and then I found this post.

@sft1965 there have been multiple times before where nobody in the alliance got the rare bonus item. Happened quite often back when we only had a dozen or so members. Doesn’t happen as often now that we’re a bit fuller, based on maths: more people in the alliance means greater chance that one of them will get the bonus item. But it’s not guaranteed and never has been.

(For reference, Eagle and I once upon a time were taking down 5* rare titans by ourselves in our own small alliance, and majority of the time, neither one of us got the bonus item)

I wouldn’t call it a lucky loot alliance. Loot has improved greatly since we’ve added to our ranks and moved up to respectable level of titans, but we all still have our personal dry spells.

Anywho… I’m backing out of here again now… not going to read or reply to any of the other posts that drove me away from here in the first place, as I don’t care to argue with unreasonable people anymore.

TGW signing off.


You replying to reasonable people? Not sure what’s gone on but, imo, it’d be a poorer forum without your input. Plenty of different opinions to choose from, if some don’t agree with you, then too bad.

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I did say that “I don’t really know” but of the last 3, Ellie got the tonic (?), then I’m not sure and then I got the Telescope. I did say I didn’t think anyone kept track, but that I had seen it appear in alliance chat. :slightly_smiling_face:

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