Is there value in a second grave maker

I currently have GM, Marjana, and C Elena maxed in red. I have Santa, Reuben, and 2nd GM standing by.

Normally I like variety, but in a vacuum GM is the obvious choice. The main concern I have is overwriting burn.

I have Wilbur, so Santa is not vital. I do not have any dot blockers like Vanda or Grazul, so Rueben’s mechanic is valuable to me as well.

I will probably wait until the new costumes come out before making a choice in case I somehow miraculously pull C Marjana. FTP so I will likely only get 5-7 pulls out of the chamber. But she won’t effect ascension anyway due to her already being maxed.

Any thoughts? Currently have 8 rings.

The wisest choice.

I myself have three Gravemakers, the first obtained way back in 2019 when he was one of the featured heroes in an Atlantis portal. Got my 2nd GM from the first ToL event, and the third GM from the second ToL event. I maxed the 2 GMs I have, one emblemed to +19, which sometimes appear in my regular raid and war defense as I change and swap heroes in defense on a regular basis just for trying them out. Apart from farming and emblems quests, The 2 GMs I have serve in my second monored team flanking my unemblemed Ares for his attack and critical buffs and used mainly on wars against most green tanks. Yes, their burn don’t stack, but I try to distribute their specials on different sides after killing the enemy tank, damaging the enemy heroes on either side while dealing some more damage due to the burn in 2 turns. That’s the best thing I can do with 2 GMs running in the same offensive team. I know some players have at least 3 GMs maxed and I hesitate maxing my third GM even if I have 28 rings in my inventory as I see them reserved for either Marjana (I have her at 3/70) and her costume, Vanda, Garnet, Black Knight, Gefjon, and even perhaps Tyr. If my rings get to 36, I may ascend my 2nd Mitsuko also left at 3/70. Like you, I dont have many great choices in my bench, i.e. dupe Azlars, dupe Khagans, dupe Reubens, and a 3rd Mitsuko.

Good luck and may the RNG gods be with you.


If you have Krampus, put him in the center and each gravemaker to the flank for defense. It doesnt matter what is on the wings…

Profit :stuck_out_tongue:

If only I had Krampus. Best blue tank is Thorne.

Not many heroes worth the duplicate but GM is one of the best heroes deserved to be maxed the copies.

Well, Mythic Titan events are telling us to do so to get better scores. Of course, not everyone is trying to get better scores.

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