Is there space for a in game market?

With the high demand of resources, battle itens and resources to craft itens and since the store from the game is obsolete, is there a space for a market made by the players ???

A place where I can make the price of what I want in return(can be In gems or other resources) and it’s regulated by game admins that seek suspicious transfers!!!

I’m not talking about heroes or ascension itens!!!

What do you guys think ???

LOL and take MONEY out of the poor devs pockets, thats blasphemy. You should be sent to your room without supper for even thinking about something as evil as that, much less writing it. :crazy_face:


hahaha !

The games very own Craigs List would be awesome !! Although, it won’t happen I recon it would be heaps of fun.


This would mean that people that somehow have time for three accounts will make ten.

“OMG, i got a dragon attack on my 9th-alt account from Mystic Vision. Should I give it to my 2nd-alt or my main?!?!?”


@zephyr1 @Garanwyn @Kerridoc for merger consideration


Trading between players was proposed and discussed multiple times:


Forget. This issue is out of agenda. Many players like me would like to have a black market here, but many others will defend the developers instantly with any/many justifications. Forget it!

Please continue discussion and voting in any of the many, many existing threads on related topics, e.g.:

As this thread is a duplicate and has been flagged by the OP, it will be closed. Thanks! :slight_smile:


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