Is there really such a thing as RNG?

I’m quite astute, and very analytical due to my profession, but lately I’m really beginning to doubt that there is such a things as RNG and random summons within this game? Please don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game, and will no doubt continue to waste money here, but it appears the more I spend, the less I get? Raids do not add up, and summons are far from chance, and offers, well very clearly directed by a sales team! I believe openness from a firm is better than tales such as randomness! It’s been a bad time with pulls, chests, raids etc this past month. Just looking forward for the bad spell to end!

To be very precise, automata are incapable of generating true randomness, so you are right in that sense. E&P uses a pseudo-random number generator. Based on the rest of your post, though, I think you have just gotten a sub-optimal series of pseudo-random numbers lately. :smile: It’ll balance out eventually.


What can I say. I dont spend money so I cant be disappointed that much. :wink:

Even if my TC 20 only gives out half the 5* it should. :unamused:

and my first 5* hero in the game was Mokk-Arr. :face_vomiting:

So we wait together for better times to come. :smile:

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Depends how you define true randomness. If you use a fair seed and then base the “roll” on some formuila based on a sufficiently small fraction of time, then it fulfils any requirements of randomness that are required for anything but philosophical discussions. (but is it really random? no obviously… but is it random when I ask you to pick a random number from 1 to 10? definitely not either…)

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Came here to mention that it’s Pseudo Random, but you beat me @Noble_Weasel.
Randy Pitchford had a good article about this back in the BL2 days.

P.S Come on BL3!!!


Former programmer. Force of habit! :smile:

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Actually the difference is that a pseudo RNG has a period, that is, after some (maybe very long) sequence of pseudorandom numbers it starts returning the same numbers again, in the same order. It’s in fact deterministic: returned values only depend on its initial state (a seed). If you use the same seed another time, you will get exactly the same “random” numbers.

It is irrelevant regarding summons in this game, but a true RNG doesn’t have a period and is indeterministic. Real world true RNGs are much slower than pseudoRNGs thus the pseudo ones are commonly used.

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And your perception of worse results doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with randomness. If you want heads, you can randomly get 10 or more tails in a row, it’s still random

What you might be experiencing, which definitely happens in this game, is the law of diminishing returns. Once you have a lot of good heroes and other stuff, summoning has a much lesser likelihood of providing something you really want.

Remember the days when you were incredibly excited to summon a four star? Not so much any more, certainly for me. Remember the days when you got gloves from a chest and that was awesome? Again, once you’ve got a drawer full of them it isn’t that great any more

We all get to the point in games like this that only five star heroes and four star materials (or their equivalent) are very meaningful, which is why these end game enhancements like Hunters Lodge, 13+ star titans, emblems and so forth are needed to keep us interested, even when the real gameplay advantage becomes logarithmically small as an increment


Well said, I agree whole-heartedly with your whole post. I think alliances who have all their members that are well past the beginner stage, often feel the most frustration simply because they are all experiencing this phenomenon together at the same time.

In my opinion, one of the most rewarding things a long-time player can do is to welcome an active and enthusiastic beginner into their alliance. It reminds us of how great we felt in getting our first 4 star!


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