Is there really anyone there?

I’ve now gone 5 days with out my account, and I’ve gotten NO WHERE. I had to be verified twice that I’m not a robot… seems quite ironic as all I’ve been able to get is ‘auto answers’.
As we all know the game waits for no one, I’ve missed quite a bit of stuff now which I’m guessing I’ll never get the chance to get.
Has anyone lost there account before??? Will they help??? And I best to apologise to to alliance and give up and move on???

Yes that has happened to me, took about 3 days. Perhaps they don’t have all the nescessary information to restore?

I was told I was lucky I took screenshots of all my account and build info, as I wasn’t connected to gamecenter even though the box was checked off. I take updated screenshots every month now.

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Thanks for ur reply, I have sent screenshots of my account as I had a surplus account (which for what ever reason it swapped me) so I have been able to go to my alliance and take screenshots of my account and all info… I thought this would be a relatively easy fix, ohhh it would seem I was very wrong.

Even any response to say something, I’d be happy to give more information:((

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