Is there ONE (only ONE) weak 5* hero that's worth class coins?

Guardian Owl?
Guardian Kong?

Can these heroes be worth class coins and be better than normal 5*? I don’t think so :smiley:

@VFROOD I think you might find this thread interesting, it’s been discussing some of the old and not-well-liked heroes, and how they could be brought more into balance with others, including with the recent introduction of classes:

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Ah, this is a different question. Let me rephrase what I think @VFROOD might be asking: will Classes save any bad 5* from ignominy?

I think it’s safe to say that none of the bottom-tier 5* suddenly become top picks. In The Best Heroes in Each Class guide and linked posts there have been some excellent ideas about who, in a hypothetical “got’m all” bench, would be first in line to get emblems.

One candidate for @VFROOD’s challenge: Quintus. He hits like a freight train but is hobbled by being slow. Sorcerer’s Delay will help him a lot, Delay is linked to normal damage, which is not tied to mana speed. Delay will slow down foe’s attacks, giving Quintus more time to charge. Moreover, there is relatively light competition for Sorcerer emblems.

I’m not seeing other saving graces:

  • Thorne got the best possible classing, as a Paladin, but so did Richard, so Richard still beats him out.

  • Kong? Mok-Arr? Nope, Wound isn’t game-changing.

  • Owl? Druid helps, as Thorn Minions give a little bite and durability. But not enough t solve the conundrum of where to put the bird in the lineup.

Which isn’t to say we won’t see some of these heroes with talents. Many players get just a thin trickle of 5* heroes and need to work with what they’ve got.


And sorcerer is one of the only 3 classes which have the 4% mana speed node :wink:

For the low, low price of 250 emblems…


Richard’s class pushed him over the edge for me to give him the scopes instead of waiting/hoping for a better blue hero. (I already have Alasie and Magni maxed, so could have afforded to wait).

I agree on Quintus. I’m low on Tabards (just maxed Sartana), but will ascend Quintus next… unless I get Kage. I wouldn’t plan to ascend him if it wasn’t for the classes

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I’ve given thought to a fully buffed +20 Boss Wolf tank with 2 yellow flanks. If the 2 yellows are Inari and Joon/Drake, I think you’ve got a lot of ‘reroll’ Happening

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For grins use Alby, Burrito, or Mitsuko on wings

My sense is that the integrated activation rate (one slash every 3 turns, 15% chance of proc on slash) isn’t enough to make Quintus more useful on defense than he already is.

But on offense, where tile damage can be controlled, and tiles can be spread across a group of heroes, his talent actually seems pretty scary.

Did you fight him much in beta? Do you know of anyone who tried him out on offense? I’m curious as to how effectively Delay really translates into advantage.