Is there going to be Season 2

Any word on when and if there will be a season 2???

I’ve heard rumors Firedragon, but no details and no timeline.

Thank you copper sky getting tired of farming same old levels

Just curious, if you have not completed Season 1 before Season two comes out, does that mean you just loose the chance or is it just new content added onto the map?

I guess it depends on what we are calling a new season!

I understand some of the top players have had messages saying that they were doing something to reset the cups at the top of the food chain, saying it would be the start of a new season.

Previously they’ve added a province or two at a time. They’ve put a real focus on new functionality in the past several months. There’s been a lot of implementation of player requested features too.

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Existe um limite de nível neste jogo? Qual é o limite então???