🧪 Is There Early Information on Muggy, a new Season 2 3* Rare Hero?

The big difference between Muggy and Atomos is that he doesn’t impart Bruiser Bros onto other heroes, and he doesn’t resurrect in Chameleon Mode with it.

So once he dies, he can’t contribute to survival again, and heroes in Chameleon Mode are at greater risk of dying because of decreased Defense and lower HP when resurrected.

So it’s more like a last stand battle mode that gives you a shot to finish off enemies in a blaze of glory than an endless survival mode. :slight_smile:


True but still he will pain :joy:
Speaking of atomos if he had his skill up and he got the bruise bro buff up and he died, who will be revived or reborn? Is it the second on used or they wont stack or Bruise bro will take place first? As atomos skill mentions that this buff will take effect at the end of the turn or something similar with the same meaning

Also Atomos skill mentions that all buffs will be cleared Muggy doesnt say anything so does his buffs gets cleared or same as revive talent?
There is a scenario should be tested if thats the case but it will be hard to do :stuck_out_tongue:
Atomos fores his skill then muggy fires his >> atomos dies and reborn as chameleon but still got all his buffs up including atomos >> before atomos buffs turns is gone he died, will he be back as atomos or chameleon?

I know am asking alot and sorry for that but there just so many questions and i cant wait to get answers so you will have to bear with me till he is released :rofl::rofl:


Good question!

I don’t have Atomos to test with, and there probably aren’t any defense teams set up with both Atomos and Muggy to try to trigger that situation.

But I think your guess is probably right — the Bruiser Bros resurrection is immediate, so that should happen before Atomos’ own resurrection has a chance to fire.

I just tested this, and the status effects appeared to be cleared.

You’re asking great questions!

I hope you’ll apply to join Beta whenever they next take applications again. I’ll certainly advocate for them to add you. :slight_smile:


Lol holy :poop: that attack stat is massive. But so, so frail…

If unchanged, having him could very well be what makes high scores in Avalon. Although I’m not too fond of how that special attack works for challenge events… dunno how the score would affect with the dying part being mandatory

His first stats in beta were even more lopsided, at 695/364/364.

He may well be popular for event competition, if only for the high attack stat.

But his special skill is effectively useless for Challenge Events, because it does no damage, and waiting for heroes to die to take advantage of it would mean playing more tile matches, which will hurt both the Time and Match Scores.

That said, if the scoring mechanics are changed…who knows.


[quote=“zephyr1, post:17, topic:104932”]

I did apply but had to change phones couple of times since then, i really wanted to be beta player
And thank you in advance for everything and for answering my future questions as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Will they remember to have his ability not working in Bloody Battle tournaments? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yeah those were my thoughts exactly.

I’m glad they toned it down from 695, that would’ve been nuts! A 3 star with higher attack than several 5 stars lol.

Even so, 634 is a lot of attack for a 3 star. That’s almost on par with Thorne’s stat, and this is current, after his buff! Definitely going to be a prime choice for Avalon if he stays the same, the risk of him dying is worth it.

Got one more question
Does the skill level of the chameleon have the same level as the original hero? Or is it fixed to level 8 (deals 115% all the time)?

Good question!

It’s fixed at 115%, it has no relationship to skill level.


What does Chameleon’s “Fierce Slash” do? Sounds intimidating with this “devastating special skill”.

Its common skill among 1* and 2*
Deals 115% to all enemies

Ah yes indeed. Thanks.

You are welcome and glad to help anytime

BTW what skill increases when Muggy’s skill levels up? Is it the health of the chameleon? Or might it be the fierce slash?
Can this be tested or you guys get the hero fully leveled?

Another good question!

I tested in beta with a maxed and a 1-1 version of Muggy, and it’s a few things:

  • Health of resurrected Chameleon at level 1 is 52%, and at level 8 is 66%

  • Chameleon Mode attack buff at level 1 is +40%, and at level 8 is +47%

  • Chameleon Mode defense debuff at level 1 is -50%, and at level 8 is -43%

The Fierce Slash 115% remains unchanged.


Nice, i like the varieties so his skill really makes a difference didnt think that defense and attack will be affected

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I understand not sharing & im ok with that but am wondering if we are allowed to share a link to this forum page?

Of course, please do! It’s only screenshots and video that are prohibited.

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I’ve been slowly building him up. Great fun! He’s welcome to a party with the big boys and will be my next rare green in my awesome waiting for right tournament rare team. Which also includes much maligned Vlad! Can’t wait :slight_smile:


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