Is There Early Information on July 2019 HOTM? (Seshat)

Seshat?..hmmmm I shall deem you “The Shat” ! Sorry William Shatner…

Seshat sells seashells down by the seashore??

Seems like a solid business plan.

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Dark, resistant to mana reduction, buff dispeller?

Seems like an interesting Guinevere counter. Alongside Panther, a deadly stack against the Queen.


She’s another fast sniper with an additional useful effect. What’s not to like? That said, I’m not sure that she is quite the Guin hard counter that I thought at first glance due to her resistance. She’s definitely better than average vs Guin, but shes not nearly the hard counter that Kage is. Yes, she keeps her mana when Guin fires but can’t then turn around and nuke Guin with it without a dispel.

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Good laugh when looking at Thoth Amun. That would just be completely crazy if she is released as is.

Does her other minions replicate it self or only the original minion?
If i had hee along side MN, santa, or delilah and casted their skill and she had (lets assume only 1 minion) would she be able to replicate or the minion should have it own location?

Only Replicator Minions can replicate themselves. It’s a function of the Minion, not Seshat.

New Minions displace the oldest ones, so her Replicator Minions will fairly quickly replace existing Minions on her from other Minion Makers.

Conversely, if you managed to get 3 Minions onto Seshat from other sources, you could displace her Replicator Minions, and she’d stop making more Minions on her own until casting again.


Great thats what am asking about
Hopefully i get her and she will do a great job with delilah and MN in my team, then i just have to time my delilah attacks :stuck_out_tongue: dont think it will be hard with seshat being fast and delilah average and MN slow
I love heroes with minions they provide a nice shield
And her minion stats is much greater than the winter heroes

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is she considered like better than sartana?

Another archer…while I got Athena and Evelyn on my main team.

She’s better in the long fights I guess since she can clone herself every 3 turns.

Hi all! Have enough materials to ascend Domitia (which I have at 3/70, the only purple 5* in my collection), should I wait about a month in hoping to pull seshat and ascend her or go with what I have now?
Thanks in advance

If it were me I would wait. It’s less than a month away at this stage.


Seshat is a better Domitia/Sartana, if you are not in a rush Id say to wait.


I agree, you should wait.

Domitia is ok, but her usefulness is limited by her medium speed and relatively low special damage compared to the classic snipers (i.e. Joon, Lianna, Magni, etc). That said, Domitia’s dispel is useful and she’s great in this weeks very-fast tournament.

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What would you do with the purple feeders in the meantime?

Like do you have a valid other hero to pour them into?

Or are you able to just not collect your training camps for a while?

Also, how many pulls are you planning to do?

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He’s got them working on base improvements in preparation for the SH21 upgrade.


Between Eve, Lianna and Seshat which one would you give your emblems to?

Any changes since her release so far in beta, I’m hearing great reviews but seen the dreaded programmers nerf to often to bank on hearsay :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback: at the moment I’m giving feeders to cyprian just to not waste them. I’m taking it slowly with training camps because I’m almost stuck with ascension mats (read: “the lack of”) and my heroes are mostly at cap. I’ll wait since I’m saving atlantis coins, gems and hero tokens.
Thanks again, Domitia will wait.

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