Is there anything more insulting than

Getting killed off by one of Delilahs minions during a raid ? :joy::joy::joy:

OMG…I mean, we’ve all had that very humiliating experience of say, losing a raid and they heal one last time right after they killed you off or not even getting past their tank. Makes you feel pretty sad. Personally, I can’t help but laugh, but the worst thing that can happen to me is getting my last hero killed by one of her minions…I mean, these little bastards aren’t even real per se…Nothing worst in my book…


But i love Delilah on my team !!! Do know what you mean and how you feel though

Same here…lol Love to see those minions slap some heroes around…

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At least they’re not shouting ‘Panana!’ As they take you down. :wink:

I personally hate losing to a riposte.

They’re down to their last hero; you’re down to your last hero. You’re both without health and you’ve got an attack charged and they’re about to have an attack charged but you can kill them first—except there’s that god!]*#%ed squiggly symbol—and having no option left, you hit them anyway, and it’s like takin a knife to your own bloody throat. You kill yourself, and they win, and you just know someone somewhere in the universe is laughing at you.


my worst experience was with Cyprian, finished with a double K.O cause his revenge power kill my last heros with him… And lost the raid ^^

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Hilarious ! :joy::joy::joy:


I know the feeling…And you just want to toss your device out the nearest window…hahaha

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