Is there any valid reason for this? f2p / vip / android / ios

Yesterday with my daughter we just discover a strange difference between shop. I’m playing on iOS and I have a VIP pass. My prices are 30% higher than they are for her. She is f2p and playing on Android. I know for sure price were always the same in the past. What rational reason can explain an increase of 30% on iOS ???

I can’t imagine that’s because I’m VIP, right?

Exchange rate ? Looks like you are in different currencies


No we are both in mxn but for some reason currency display is differet on iOS / Android.

I can’t imagine I’ve been change to USD :grimacing:

Don’t think that’s USD - 25USD for 100 gems is incredibly expensive.

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It can be tax jurisdictions of your service provider or operating system and things like that.

It’s not that SG play favourites with platforms.

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Maybe in some country. In Mexico 2499 MXN is approximately one month of salary for a worker. Or a week for an office employee. But I’m pretty sure this difference is new. Last week or two weeks ago. prices were the same.
I double check my account parameters in apple store and nothing’s change. I’m still in mexico :slight_smile:

If I compare them with chilean pesos in my game (Android), the one on the left is almost identical (Valor Pass is more expensive).

The one on the right looks definitively too expensive.

I finally got the explanation 2 days ago. Apple is faster than Google. Google price are now aligned on Apple. 1899MXN becomes 2499MXN. Small offers 35MXN become 79MXN, just crazy!!! Hopefully all Mexican players will refuse such increase and will stop spending money in a game that has become a cash machine.

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