Is there any room in my team for this new lucky pulls? RH, Athena and Seshat

Guys, my actual defensive team comp is: Evelyn, Zimkitha, Kunchen, Zeline and Isarnia.

However, in the past days I’ve got some lucky pulls and now I have Red Hood, Athena and Seshat. I can max all of them, but I dont know which ones I should focus on and add to my main defensive team. I would appreciate some sugestions, thanks!

There’s always room for Athena. She’s f’ing amazing.

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in Isarnia’s place or should I replace for another hero?

Why you gave darts to ranvir? I would first gave them to joon, than you could have full rainbow team. You need to have some fast snipers in your def. Team. In my opinion

I needed help to do the titans, but i still have more darts, I just dont know if investing on Joon is the right choice or if i should wait.

Joon’s a great choice imo for the wing where Isarnia is. I’m on the way to maxing my first. He’s fast, and blindness can cripple attackers that rely on mono color attacks. Missing tile damage can hurt their offense a lot.

If you want even more help with titans, you can’t go wrong with Athena either.

EDIT: Seshat would conflict with Kunchen’s color, she’d probably have to go on the wing. It could work very well though, she is also a solid sniper and her replicator minion is a big pain to take out. Her and Kunchen would play off each others element links.

Red Hood idk about on your current defense team. I don’t know if you need her on your D team. She does synergize well with other druids, and you are lucky to have Zimkitha since she’d give her a passive health recovery with element link, on top of her fox minions already doing that. But whether that’s needed though is the question and I’m not feeling like you have to replace Evelyn, Zeline or Isarnia for Red Hood. At least good to keep in mind for offense though.


Thanks for your opinion. I’ll definitely use all of them in my offensive team, but for defense who I would replace for Seshat and Joon?

I would choose one of them to replace Isarnia in that exact same spot she’s in. It’d be good to have a single fast hitter there.

Sheshat is awesome but one concern too is that her and Evelyn are both the same class. I am tempted to choose Joon myself just to make emblem management easier.

IMO two slow heroes on defense is asking for trouble and Kunchen makes a great tank so…apologies to Isarnia but she has to go. In addition, her special simply overwrites Kunchen’s so not brining too much extra to the party.

You have double green already so going 2-2-1 may be risky but Seshat should pair very nicely with Kunchen. In the wing where Isarnia is now.

Two debuffers and two cleansers is nice. The minions are additional healing for when Kunchen dies. Eve and Zimkitha both give healing via elemental links and that is nothing to be sniffed at.

I believe that would be a tough team to beat.

Red Hood doesn’t really cause many problems on defense. I haven’t seen many and she was never the difference. Due to the small sample size I could have just been fortunate with boards or the enemy had terrible team structure.

Athena’s defense down will be overwritten by Kunchen’s so less effective with him.

Seshat in wing would still be vulnerable to Onatel, Proteus, Hel (I am not sure about Hansel, Gretel and Merlin). She resists mana cuts, not blocks or steals, so be aware that wing does leave her a little bit vulnerable to some common, powerful heroes.

Nice Roster BTW - Forte!


Thanks, so I’m probably going to put Seshat on wing, the only problem is that she has the same emblems of Evelyn.

Eventually you will have them all maxed…eventually.

Athena is also the same class as Eve, there are many excellent Rangers.

Bring athena to the max and give her talent, you will never regret it. Pls read about athena in this forum specially the latest one…You will know how great she is.

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