Is there any reason to be over 2400 cups?

Hi there!
I easily find myself between 2500-2600 cups and It makes for me more difficult to full the raid chest since It matches me with 4500-4600tp teams and I need to Skip some of them.

Is there any advantage being in 2600+ cups? If not, I think It Will be better resourcewise to put a team on defense that barely stands in 2400 cups.

Also they could add a new arena. 2600+ or 2700+ with new and improved rewards. That would motivate the players more towards getting high cups.


2700+ is the path to fame!


Really, the only reason is bragging rights, unfortunately. But there are not many competetive elements in this game (I do not count monthly events as they are purely p2w) so this is one way to get fun out of fighting in the top tier and winning. Also, if you are in one of the top alliances, it is also worth adding that combined trophies of all the members add up to the alliance rank.

Yes, they could add new arena. They could actually add a lot of end game content to keep us late gamers entertained and engaged.


I think the worlds ready for waking up and seeing a whole bunch of Telluria tanks flanked by GM and Vela sitting at 2700 cups


I am the same but I sometimes love to challenge myself and hit the 4300+ with my 3700 team.

Today I went against a 4600+ team with my 3655 mono red team and I almost won, it didn’t annoy me that I lost because it was expected (and only 11 trophies). It was a tough team: Joon / Ursena / Telluria / Vela / Marjana

And yes, Joon + Ursena were both +18 emblems, and the rst were +19 and ALL had LVL 30 Mana Troops…

The fact I almost won was amazing and it helps you practice. Had I lost multiple matches in a row before this one, I wouldn’t have attempted it.


That Vela hurt a lot XD.

Yeah, when i have a spare flag i like to do so. But as a practise I preffer not to Risk a lot so i can go for 2 raid chest/day

The only reason i find is training for war for my different war teams ( if you are in top alliance that fights twice per week other top alliances with top defenses ). Is much easier over 2700 cups to find more or less same set ups that you face in wars.

Have done last week or so 200 raids against Telluria tank ( regretfully 2800+ becomes quite boring as 95% are now with Finley, GM, Telluria, Vela, Jabba :slight_smile: ) so is more or less repetiive, but at least can try different teams for war and see how they perform with bad or mediocre boards.
Plus there is learning of how to tackle and in which order the opposition in the relevant boards i.e can you afford to not charge elemental links and let Finley fire, is it better to kill Jabba first or Vela is the bigger threat etc.

My 2 cents


I usually stay between 26-2700 cups, so when the inevitable revenge hits come, I don’t drop below 2400 and stay in diamond. I only attack a team when it will give me 35+ cups. You more than make up for the re-roll costs with the ham from winning.

And it is great practice for wars.

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Sadly yes, but it was Ursena who hurt most, she fired TWO times lol.
I was surprised all heroes were still alive after her second shot, but then Vela went off… and yeah the rest was history. But it was fun knowing I almost did get lucky enough to win.

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Her damage being weaker than Red Hoods when targets are at less than 50% health is the reason she didn’t kill your heroes.

IMO this is the only reason that Ursena is a very powerful yet balanced hero – that HP condition is what holds her back (rightfully so) as an OP defender


I tell people this all the time. Great, you have a defense that keeps you at 2600+ trophies, now what? Less people raid you so you have less revenges and you are raiding all day against 4500+ defenses and all those defenses look exactly alike.

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I don’t understand the point of not wanting to raid hard teams. If you can field a def that keeps you 2600+, you have an offense that will allow you to push into the top 100 (and at minimun top 200 wher it is still very active) daily.

You want revenges? push into the top 100 a few times a day. My tower is always full.

wait; why do you want revenges?

faster to fill up raid chests?

Revenges allow you to pick and choose your opponent’s for those players that feel like they need or want to do so.

I don’t reroll or avoid any teams. So for me, revenges are an easy way to gain cups back without opening myself open to revenges/someone taking cups back.

If I’m filling up a hero chest, I’ll use that Reroll button early and often - might as well go for the “soft targets” instead of being frustrated and taking longer to do it. I’m not to the point yet where I can just kill anything I look at, after all. And I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. :wink:

And it isn’t like I’m ever short on food anymore. I’ve already got my emblems spent where I want them, so the slow trickle at which those continue to come in doesn’t put a hurt on my food stocks, and you can only make so many harpoons and other things that use up Food… and I already have a silly stockpile of recruits and food in TC20 and TC11, so… I have so much extra food that I don’t even notice the 2300 when I hit Reroll. :smiley:

Good gaming!

2.7K is a better starting point to reach the leaderboard. Sadly there’s no reason to stay that high furthermore.

Time has come to establish a 2.8K raid arena.

In just over a year playing, I have never revenged anyone. Can anyone tell me the benefits of doing so?

Is not like I don’t want them. But when im filling the raid chest I preffer to do It quick and without wasting flags. Between tournaments and flags is quite easy to fill 2 daily raid chest and use refills on weekends.

In the other hand im not too competitive. I went top 10 sometimes but usualy i preffer not to use resources as there is not any price in being at the top.

There are 3 main benefits i can think for:

  • Going only for those with high iron/han.
  • More options to raid from.
  • Not Ham usage looking from them.

This one I can see, but I never attack anyone with less than 35 cups, so I would probably re-roll anyway. But I guess I could just look at my attackers and see if any qualify.

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