Is there any point to Season 1, 2 or HotM anymore?

With the introduction of ninjas, season 3 heroes (Frigg and Odin, I’m looking at you) and a few event heroes (Finley, Jabberwock, black knight), is there any point to trying to get season 1, 2 or HotM anymore?

SGG has already made costumes heroes to come out next month useless for the new meta. People are already stating how season 4 heroes will crush season 3 ones. Weak heroes like Noor, Zocc and Zulag are not worth their weight in free EHT in comparison.

Why should we give SGG any money except for season 3, 4 and Ninja events ( or any money period)?

I’ve spent a lot of money on this game, early more than any other and even taken a several month break, but Frigg, Odin and mostly ninja defenses are really taking a significant portion of the fun out.

I understand SGG trying to ensure income is kept, but only making it fun for those that spend at least $5000 a year is not going to keep their profits up. HA20 will soon be useless as old HotM can’t compete in raids and wars anymore, the old season 1 recruits cannot keep up any many new costumes look like they are only being added to water down the chances to get a few of the good ones.

How much longer will this last time the game implodes leaving only the :whale2: behind?


If you don’t have some of them, sure. But the S3/Ninja power creep is going to overshadow all of them in a hurry. S4 will be even worse.

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I still use season 1&2 heroes, especially with costumes a lot of heroes got some decent special upgrades and amazing stat boost

List of season 1 heroes:
All 4* season 1 heroes with costume bonuses

Season 2:

Older HoTM which I use:

Each HoTM and hero fills a niche role, and all heroes can be utilized in competitive play or for fun. All costumes did was allow older heroes to flex into newer strategies and teams, while giving them stat boosts to stay competitive.

I don’t think you could look at the heroes I presented and say they all have no use, or are lackluster by any means. That isn’t to say their aren’t HoTM which could use some love buffs to remain competitive, but the majority of people who have these heroes, or different rosters, can build teams to their liking and playstyle.

More heroes=more options=more availability to new and old players. SG can fix older heroes and they haven’t been shy about pushing incriminate buffs. :blue_heart:


The S1 snipers are still very usefull and they are easier to get from TC20.

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I was wondering the same question: why so low chances of getting something good from Hero Academy if the S3 / ninja / S4 are already way better than S2 / older heroes? And why not adding the S2 heroes to the Training Camps?


I use them and many of them are great.

Common bias in this game is looking at it from the perspective of people’s defenses. Meanwhile, many heroes that shine on defense are not that awesome on offense. What I focus in this game is offense. Which is why I am not that much chasing after Odins or Black Knights. I am fine with my defense holding 2550, no need to hold 2600.

But other thing is where to focus your resources now when pulling for new heroes. Unfortunately SG seems to be deaf to players feedback to slow down with the introduction of new heroes. There are so many good portals now that the worse portals are not worth gems anymore, especially that the price is the same or even higher. Better to hoard gems for S3 than spend on S2. Which sucks if you still need some key S2 or past hotms, but it is what it is. Money doesn’t reproduce as quickly as new portals.


The summons pull doesn’t even make sense anymore how’s this possible, the should come up with a better algorithm for summons that won’t allow more than 5 HOTM!!! At least!!!


After 2 years playing I dont have any 5* from any event and or from atlantida and S3…so I really cannot go further in the S3 map with S1 heroes. Soo, no fun anymore, and I’m actually quitting a game that didnt gave me the return I wished.


All the thing that have a chart, “normal” people don’t stand a chance. Period.
From quite some time now.
Always the same people will take the top spots, all the other must eat each other for the leftovers.

We can still enjoy the game, but must lower our expectations.
Enjoy the community, our smaller wars, and the little goals we can accomplish.

Anything else, you are fool yourself.
This is a game no longer calibrated as a long grind or were you can compete with only dedication.

Dedication alone may keep you playing without drowing in an ocean of spenders, but nothing more.

Train has left the station and could not be stopped anymore. It has no breaks.

And it’s not only their fault.We help them in that.
We justify this kind of actions with our behaviour.

Whale killed this game same as Small Giant.


There are still points on getting them but not as valid as before, see Drake Fong & Dr. Moreau for example.

Exactly the same situation here: not a single 5* outside S1 + 3 HOTM.

I’m stuck at S3 19:1 on normal and S3 5:9 on hard.

I’m not even thinking of going any further without some solid heroes.

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Even preys for spenders need some 5* heroes thus the point of having classic 5* and mediocre hotm. If you don’t spend, it will be hard to keep up with those ninjas, S3 and incoming S4 teams.

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I posted this after being frustrated with a Frigg, Odin + 3 ninja battle. My Heimdall, GM and other +20 HotM/event heroes were useless in comparison. I see the leaderboard filling up with these heroes including Killhare and it is getting extremely hard to beat them. Every time ninjas event will return or the Valhalla portal, it gets worse. So all the other event heroes become unable to compete



20 characters…

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Imo once you get to diamond arena it doesn’t matter what heroes you use. Whether you win or lose depends on the boards.


how can you stuck there?

i’m at s3 17:1 normal with only 4* (90% from s1)

i think i will finish s3 normal with only 4* lol

and yeah, ofc, if you want to compete for the highest tier you need to invest hundreds of dollars to get somewhere, the game isn’t designed for f2p to win lol but thats an obvious fact, the moment you sign in for the game


I’m stuck because I don’t want to continue as sooner or later I won’t pass the level even with 5 tries & all the items in this world.

For now I’ve spent all my 3* / 4* items on big titans and using only 2* items won’t help unless you have a superstar team.

I’m simply waiting for better heroes. Once I’ll get them, I’m afraid I’ll use some flask and get it done in a single week. :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Looking at the new heroes and comparing them to the old ones, its just sad. Clear powercreep. They are adding more and more events, more and more broken OP heroes. Imagine being F2P with S1 5*s only, you have no chance at challenge events, no chance at ninja tower, no chance at war, no chance at this upcoming mythic titan thing. The same goes for cheap and medium payers. 2 or 3 years ago being f2p was managable, now its impossible. You get to play like 5% of the game because you dont have the power to do the rest. Back in the days this was a free to play game with a possibility to pay and get a little better heroes or just different ones, now its a pure pay to play game with a free demo version called F2P. They started rolling out new and better staff faster and faster, and i have seen this in many games and neither ended well.


okay i see :smiley: but i think you can go even further with a pure 4* team, on normal at least, i usually win on my first try and the only items i need are some small mana/healing pots

but its a long grind that’s true


Same here. That sounds bad. I don’t care too much for some events but I would like to get through all 3 Stage Maps and be able to get all 3 Buildings after level 20 Stronghold. :confounded:

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