Is there any Nerfing or Buffing hero this year?

Wondering if there is any buffing or Nerfing hero this year.
Cause last year we got some for season 1 classic (kadilen and so on) and also hotm like aegir.
Would be nice to see any hero got rebalanced (nerf or buff)
Example : I would love Atomos resurrection can’t be dispel.
Also maybe buff a bit Mok-arr by giving it Poison damage for 3/4 turn to all people (team or enemy who’s not purple) to
Also maybe buff for Margaret to give Dodge to all team instead of 3.

And I might suggest make a voting each year which Hero should be buff and which hero should be nerf. So you guys also have a 2nd opinion.

Thank you :wink:

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Join the discussion on Spring Hero Buffs here:


Heroes who need a buff: those I actually have.

Heroes who need a nerf: those I do not have and have trouble defeating.



Please continue on the link provided by the noble @voidstrike


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