Is there any consensus on things that need fixed?

This is probably a no go. But me and the mrs talking about E&P and some things we agree on and some we disagree on.


  • I like war.
  • she hates war
  • she likes Titan
  • I dislike Titan
  • she likes emblems
  • I don’t

But the things we agree on seemed… oddly specific. And easily remedied (if SG cared). But obviously two people is very small, so here are the things me and @Lila_Ann agree on:

  1. events have surpassed “fun challenging” and reached “annoyingly difficult” … I think there are probably people who enjoy this but… we both agree: 15 stages is 5 too many at that difficulty. Bring it back to 10, and maybe knock the difficulty back 5% too.

  2. there are too many things happening. Things need spaced out and paced better. For example. Have wars for 2 weeks and then take a week off - on the off week have raid tournaments (you could have multiple tournaments players who can choose from there so you can still get those 3/4/5* varieties in). Adjust loot accordingly. (Along these same lines, an alternative to titans for players who been going for years - to rotate with titans - seems like it’d be of benefit.)

2b) the extra day on raid tourneys sucks. Thanks for that, SG.

  1. we both really like the costume quest. We both agreed it’s in the sweet spot as far as difficulty goes. Additionally, getting two summons right away for the effort feels like a really worthwhile reward. It’s one thing we both feel SG has really gotten right.

Eh. We can’t agree on anything else hah :stuck_out_tongue: so that’s it.


House rules

Often true among friends.

Not usually true among language/ culture/ generational/ geographical groups. See #ideas-feature-requests

It is why poker usually has house rules

Play styles

Click for chat about Challenge events and titans

If SGG wanted a “fun” event, instead of a grindy, grind.

Distribute tier completion rewards among the 15 stages. Like Season map stage play completion rewards, you get them once per Challenge event.

Once a stage is unlocked, it remains forever unlocked on the account.


Stage 14 & 15 are the emblems, you could skip straight to 14 & 15 skipping Stage 1- 13 if you had unlocked all 15 stages.

Stage play completion means auto play, or manual, not loot tickets.

Once a stage is play completed 3x successfully, it unlocks loot ticket completions.

Once a stage is play completed 30x successfully, it unlocks Energy bar mode, use 100% of your energy bar to gets rewards equal to energy bar / world energy needed for stage. Example 30 energy bar on 3 world energy stage gives 10x repeatable loot. This only applies to repeatable loot not Stage completion loot. ( looking at you Rare Stage 3 ).

Add 15 more levels- same boss more hardness- that reward iron/ recruits/ food bundles for Stage completion loot.

Once a stage is play completed 18x successfully ( resets each spawn ), it rewards you with a specific hero. Example Legendary Stage 15 gives Guardian Panther. This can be repeated every time the Challenge event spawns. So once per 5 months.

Add Challenge event shards ( good for any Challenge event, any Challenge event hero ) as Stage completion rewards and to Challenge event summons.

The point of these changes would be to let players play the way they want while at the same time giving players uniform rules. And giving players multiple paths to gain the rewards they want ( hint hint add trading ).

World Bosses

SGG could add World Bosses. Basically an unkillable reflect color titan everyone can hit.

Using a set HP target, players could score D to A+ ( like titans, but top 10,000 for A and top 100 for A+).

World bosses would use titan energy so you would have to choose World bosses or titans.

Add a titan opt out button, Titan HP would be reduced -3% per opt out ( maximum -50% ).

Co-Leader/ leader could opt out of titans, just like war. If titans were opted in, titan would be same star as last titan fought. After 7 consecutive escaped titans, alliance automatically opt out of titans.

World Bosses could be available with restrictions ( 3* / 4* / 5* heroes) in addition to the reflect color. Even better, run 9x World bosses at once with different combinations of reflect color and restrictions so players can fight the World boss that fits their play style.

Loot bonus if multiple alliance teammates fight the same World boss.

In addition to World boss, players could decide to fight World Hoard mode ( see Puzzle Combat ) and World Elite mode ( 3x mini titans).

Micro transactions

But I do not expect titans to ever be replaced, since they are the cornerstone of Empires wealth generation. Maybe in ten years SGG will try something innovative.

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  • I don’t dislike 15 stages rather then 10. If anything, i dislike they throw at us during that time casually always quests a F2P/C2P can’t miss (gems quests is the 4th in a row during this time, and now maybe we will have 2 emblems quests). They are trying in a every cheaper way to push you buy refills.

  • Totally agree on “too much things at once”. This game looked a bit empty at first, and now you don’t have a single day of rest.

  • the extra day on tournament makes it much more hard to complete, but overall i don’t mind.

  • titans need another push on higher levels, wars are still the best feature overall (Telluria tanks apart)


the extra day on raid tournament: I only like it for the potential to fill my raid chest faster. I would love it if, even after being knocked out of the tournament, we could continue to use the flags to fill the raid chests WITHOUT increasing the score as of the time we got knocked out (unless we buy a continue, of course).


I love how on the first day of teltoc they gave us a WE flask and besides the fact they released a trials quest, they also made it so you had to use a minimum of 27 flags to complete the daily POV challenges. Gee thanks for the 1/2 of a flask.

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I just tried every password and got back into the forums for the first time in like… a year…

So I’ll just catch everyone up—- we’re in a pandemic, @Duaneski has a ponytail now (no hair cuts due to the aforementioned pandemy sitch), and I bore @Duaneski ‘s third offspring.

Hugs to old pal @JonahTheBard


Hurrah, @Lila_Ann is back!!

Congratulations! (I thought Duaneski’s third offspring was a healthy cynicism towards game designers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


wow! congrats on your new baby!


Congrats @Lila_Ann !

Pretty sure that was his first offspring. :laughing:

Cynicism was my first and only offspring. I tried to have another named Acceptance, but it appears I am no longer fertile. :confused:


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