Is there an event calendar?

I want to know when will be the next “Special heroes summoning”, with a chance for special 5* heroes.

Like the Pirates, Spring(Rabbit) event, Little Red Hood, etc

First thursday of the month - today. Where’s the event???

Generally the second Thursday of each month will be the challenge event. Next, this time next week, is Pirates, and the cycle is Pirates (purple reflect), Grimforest (red reflect), Guardians (yellow reflect), Avalon (blue reflect). Eventually it’s expected that there will be a green reflect event in there too, but we haven’t seen anything about that yet.

The next seasonal event will be whenever the devs decide to have one - the pattern so far this year suggests something around Halloween, but we might be waiting until Christmas, which didn’t have special heroes last year. There have been no announcements on that subject that I know about.


Rigth, second weekend of each month. Thanks.

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Argh I’m just short of gems for a 10 pull and gotta wait 5 months for Avalon to come by

Only 4 months if they don’t Release the Green reflect event before that.

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