Is there an actual list of blacklisted players?

What makes a player get blacklisted? Pre-war scouting? Non participation? Being a rude jerk? I don’t think I’m in danger of making the list, just curious what is considered egregious enough to get listed.

From my experience, being rude and disrespectful is one way. Another is to bail on war. Those seem to be the biggest two.

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Thanks, that’s about what I was thinking.

If I’m not already on these lists, my new goal for the year is to make it.


What I have seen make the lists:

  • war jumpers / AWOL
  • poachers
  • nukers
  • “creepers” (unwanted sexual advances)
  • racism / hate speech
  • trolls (sometimes called “bad apples”)

Some groups also have a category for false reporting. Each group is different, and may have additional categories, but I’ve definitely seen these.

P.S. I have missed you @Brobb! My category for you is mustached cat. :wink:

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(I have missed you too, @Rook. Life without you has been like life without sunshine. But I don’t think I need my own category - I’m sure I can fit into all those you listed with minimal difficulty.)

Edit: wait, what is a “nuker”? Is it something contagious?

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That’s one I haven’t heard of either. Hope we get a definition in case I am one without knowing!


I’ve heard of such lists, outside of the official game. I’ve been invited to be a participant in one of the groups. I chose not to be a participant but the most frequent complaint that I’ve heard is that so-and-so is a war jumper.

I believe a “nuker” is someone that is given authority and they start kicking everyone and trying to destroy the whole alliance.


And if that “nuking” ever happens, that seems it must have been poor leadership and/or alliance dynamic.

Is there a way to get perma… removed (since I can’t use the B word) from this forum? If so, how?

This thread is really about a Line group and nothing official from SGG. However, there are bans that can be placed on your game account or forum account. That said, discussing such actions is against forum rules (see below). So I can answer the question, but will leave it at that.


Yes exactly, a nuker “nukes” the alliance structure by kicking everyone he/she can.

This can be done for revenge, or giggles or some mystery reason known only to the nuker.

While outsiders shake their head and say “leadership shouldn’t have given them authority then,” I know of at least one instance where the nuker was with the alliance for more than 6 months before promotion (and before they went on their rampage).

To my mind, nothing excuses Nuking. If you don’t like an alliance, leave it. Don’t destroy game play for 29 other people.

My 2 cents.


@Brobb is back! We missed you!

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Oh my god tell me how can i be on that list.

Im gonna fall off my chair … for it is Brobb!

Whats upppppp!!!???


We missed you, @Brobb!!!


…I’m on my self-created blacklist…

…a self-imposed exile for being me


Try saying that this game is not fair.

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