Is there alliance war over Easter

Is there alliance wars over Easter… want to know, seems as though there shouldn’t as everyone is busy with festivities… anyone know??

Thanks in advance

My tab says War coming soon, so probably yes

Gosh I hope so!

We’re operating as if it is coming. :smiley:

This actually is just what it says all the time not in war so not necessarily an indication of an impending war (unlike the war prep note).

Really? My game still shows the result of the last war. So I also asked myself if the will be a war tomorrow.

Mine shows war coming. I don’t like the idea of stopping for holidays. Once that starts where does it end? (This game has a multi-national/multi-cultural following, thats a lot of holidays)

Mine as well shows war coming. I await it as it can be surprising experience - even now our team is not 75% active against Titan :wink:

Our alliance is now in prep time - so there will definitely be a war.


Yep - same here. Should be interesting to see if there’s less activity.

Yeah there is war… 8.5hrs away.

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