Is there a way to give the summons a little more variety

I just did a elemental ice summons and got I kid you not. 3 Valen 3 karil and 3 graymane all 3* I did however get 1 4* which I needed. Thank you for that. But 3 sets of triplets is absurd guys. Make it a little better.


Yeah, make a double heroes pick would be the best.

This way you can still get bad pulls with tons of 3*, but have much more chance of at least 1 goodie for 10Ă— pulls and much more variety.

There are only 5 blue 3* heroes Hero roster and so the odds were very good you would not get one of the five and have to get three, or more, of the other four.

I did a 10 pull today and got four 4* and Delilah. Happy.


I agree. Spending $30 and getting 3 Dawa, 4 Bane and 2 Gan Ju and 1 Chao is beyond frustrating. May be the last money I spend on this game :confused:


What does that have to do with a 10x summons. There was plenty of 4* and 5* heroes in the ice summons. There was no excuse. I got 80% of 3* and 20% of what I needed. The game should not allow triplets. Some of us pay good money to play this game. So why make a customer feel ripped off? That is how I feel. What can be done? This last event I did. A pull on was this current animal event. Where I summoned hold it. Yes you guessed it I got Valen a 3* hero available in the daily summons. I like this game but some stuff is very irritating. Why would I get a hero from the daily summons for an event summons pull


Yes do this please. I did the event summon x10 24+ times and all I got were mostly repetitive 3* and 4* cards that are nonevent. At least I Delilah. Please let me trade 5* for something else

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Estimated odds are for the legendary training ( Edit: elemental summons, event summons, and epic summons have more 3* heroes )
3* 75%
4* 20%
5* 5%

So most x10 pulls will have zero 5*, 1-3 4*, and the remaining 3*. So if you get only 3* ( 1 in 18 chance ) there are not ten 3*, so you will get duplicates.

It is why many people run legendary training for a while before getting any 4* or 5*

Odds are lower than that. Those are tc 20 odds which are higher thannsummons

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Idc how this is perceived… I did 2 x single nature elemental pulls about 45 days ago. 1st pull 5* Kaliden. 2nd pull Elkanen. Ill say it again, 2 1x green element pulls. Both pulls yielded 5s. Just sunday morning i did a 1x holy element pull. Guess what Vivica! Im not in there pulling summons like penny slots. I go in a cpl times/month. To get 3 5s from elemental summons outta roughly 8 total elemental pulls, re-affirmed my knowledge that the pulls ate all random. Ever buy 2 of the same scratch tix and win $20 on both? I have. Its random folks. Yes 2 5*s in a row sounds like b.s. tbh i would call it b.s. myself if it wasnt me pulling them. Then to get a 3rd after say 5 more pulls- astronomical odds- yeah. But same as going 100 pulls without 1. Theres a balance imo. Regardless, of wether you believe me or not, its fine with me.


I agree! Daily pulls should not be in the event pulls.

If we spend money or save for months to pull from the Special Event summons we should be rewarded, not given something from the Daily summons. We feel robbed of our time, money & dedication to the game.

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I believe you totally. A few days ago I got a epic hero token from mystic, used it right away and pulled Marjanna. So I know it happens. It is just the luck of the draw. I do find the closer you pull to the start or finish of that elemental color the better your chances for a 5*. That is how I got Yunan as well.

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