Is there a way to get the results of previous Titan battles and alliance war results?

Question for Developers: is there a way that you can make available to us the final results to our previous Titan battles and Alliance War results? Plus include our opponent’s alliance name/titan and titan color?

I am leader of my alliance and am trying to collect data to build statistics about my alliance’s performance in Titan battles and Alliance Wars. Most of the time I record the data in time before it scrolls off the chat room, but sometimes work and/or life happens and I miss recording the data.

A alliance analytics dashboard for leaders and co-leaders would be a great add, wouldn’t it.

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Some idea posts you might like to support/vote on:

See also: See past Titan hits of members

(@Kerridoc @Rook the last thread on this topic, listed directly above, was closed by Rook as a duplicate. Presuming no master will be declared, this one perhaps should be too.)


Thanks. I will check them out.

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Closing as duplicate. Please follow up in one of the linked threads.

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