Is there a way of getting different chest then the heroes chest?

Hello i was just wondering … The way we have to kill 40 heroes to get reward once i got a different chest called holy chest … Is there a way of getting them instead of heroe’s chest or you get this chest randomly

It’s random… otherwise we’d all do colored chests. :slight_smile:

True hah but i thought i just make sure thanks

Some say the more regular Wanted chests you fill (monster, hero, Titan), the faster you will see the Rare Elemental Wanted chests (holy, fire, etc).


Your post made my day hah

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I mean it’s likely RNG based so you have a chance at getting one at any time, so the more you cycle through them the faster you should see one, in theory.

You’ll get them faster if you start skipping the wait times. I don’t skip them too often as I don’t have a crap ton of gems but I no longer get them just once a month like I used to. Can’t remember who gave me that advice, sorry.

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I havent go diamonds at all i use diamonds for summoning heroes only xd but thanks for your advice

I totally get it! I use mine sparingly - less than what I’ve gained in the space of a week due to chests/quests/mystic vision, that way I still have some gems left over. It costs less gems to skip a couple of hours before the reload than it does right after you fill your chest. I try to time it so I can skip the wait time right before I go to bed, that way I can fill another chest and only have to wait a couple of hours in the morning for a new chest to be waiting.

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Mite try it once i collect more diamonds , im not playing this game for longtime maybe a mouth and i had only once a holy chest and then i opened many many chest’s and keep getting same once plus the rewards out of them are sh… and im not a fussy person hah

Definitely give it time; been playing about 3 or so months now and only just started skipping chests.

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I skip chests on my main account because I have plenty of hero s but not enough ascension mats. With my alt account, other way around, so I don’t skip chests to conserve gems for Summons.

I wish I was that far along that I don’t have to skip! My 4*s are starting to back up right now so I need the special chests. Is your alt account strictly F2P?

Tiny budget, but not strictly F2P.

I find that tiny budget with a F2P mentality provides a significant level of enjoyment over strict F2P. The winter calendar was a game changer for me :slight_smile: