Is there a troop level maximum in the Monthly Challenge Event?


I am trying to ramp up my beginner team for the December challenge event, so i am leveling up my troops. I was wondering if there was a level that would be “too high” for beginner. I am only training 2* troops, but i got them to level 8 before thinking that i might get them too high of a level to be allowed in the beginner group. does anyone know if there is a level cap for the beginner Challenge Event? What is the highest level troop you have used in the Beginner category of the Challenge Event?

Thanks for your responses.


I haven’t heard of a “too high level”, only that Beginner Event was:

  • 3* Heroes
  • 2* Troops


Correct, it’s limited on the quality (*) of the troop, not on the troop level.

No maximum other than the maximum in game (level 15 for 2* troops obtainable with a level 4 barracks).


Thank you for the quick response… time to continue leveling up :slight_smile: