Is there a shortcut for typing ascension tier and ascension level?


Is there a standard shortcut everyone here uses when discussing levels of ascension and levels within ascension levels?

For instance, in my alliance chat I’ve just been saying things like, “I have such-and-such hero on level 15 of ascension level 3.” But that is so cumbersome to type. I was going to make up my own shortcut, but I figured everyone here has already come up with a shortcut for that phrase, and I might as well use the shortcut everyone else is using. Haha!


Hopefully @Rook or @Coppersky will provide a definitive answer, but I’ve seen others use a notation system which is fairly simple.

Ex: Sonya (4* Ice) is one of my fully ascended cards. Thus, she has 4 chevrons and is level 70. The notation is (forgive me E & P community if I botch this) Sonya 4^70. The first number is the ascension level (chevrons) then the caret(?) sign followed by the level.


Perfect! Thank you so much. I will start using this shortcut now. :slight_smile:


Happy to help. Cheers & happy holiday adventuring!


I usually use a / so I don’t have to hit shift key.

e.g. 3/60 for tier 3 level 60.


Ah! I like that shortcut too.


Good topic Merlin! I changed the title so more people will find it!


I like either:

  • 4^70
  • 3/60
  • Maxed, 8/8

Any of those work for me. :wink:


Perfect! That is a much better title. Thanks! :slight_smile:


“Maxed, 8/8” is great too


I have seen someone on the forum use 3.60 and 4.10 which makes sense since 1.1 is the first version of the hero at level one, 2.1 is the second time at level one, etc.

You could also add the stars so 4* 3.60 is 4 stars, tier 3, level 60 while 5* 4.10 is 5 stars, tier 4, level 10. Both software geeks and math geeks will understand.


I normally use a “-”, so it might be “My Sonya is on 3-60”.

But I think (nearly) everybody will understand any version on writing the levels in a short way. To some you might have to explain it once, but that has nothing to do with the symbol you use for separating tier and level. (and some won’t understand even after explaining it to them several times … but that’s another story)