Is there a resource that shows hero stats at 3rd (or 1st and 2nd) tier?

There are several good resources that show all heroes in the game and their stats,

(my fav is )
(also New! All Updated Hero Rosters is great, I would like to get that in a spreadsheet so I can analyze it better than pictures)

however they always show them at MAX (so 4/80 for 5*, 4/70 for 4*).

Is there somewhere that shows each heroes stats at each tier - unleveled, 2nd, and 3rd as well as 4th ?

If not, someone in the community should start amassing screenshots of each hero at each tier as it would be very useful to compare and see who to level next.

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Good of you to volunteer! Where would you like us to send screenshots to?


Lol crazy amount of work involved. Only time I look for that is when someone asked my opinion on a line up. Most times a maxed 4* are better stats that a 3-70 5* unless the skill is great.
Everything is between is alot to handle. At least that comparison relates to alot of players. Dont mind sending you all of my maxed 4* and 3-70 5*

But to answer your question, no I haven’t heard of such a thing.

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lol, I am not volunteering, but the wiki site already has a page for each hero. If they would host in addition to the hero at max a screenshot at each of the following:
5*'s at 1/1, 2/60, 3/70 and 4/80
4*'s at 1/1, 3/60, 4/70
those are the cutoffs that require the rare ascension items, so thats where a lot of heroes stay stuck at and a decision is needed whether they deserve to be leveled further when compared to other heroes in your roster.

Here it is


awesome, thanks
that should be added to this page

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Ask and ye shall receive:

Who gets credit?

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