Is there a relation between cups and team strength?

I’m at 1920 cups and 3440 team strength.

As E&P has made cups leading for getting opponents in raids i’d like to know what is reasonable for cup rates vs strength, because i’m confronted with team strength and not with cup strength. :smiley:

Off course i can make a rating on latest opponents i get but that would be just those between 1620 and 2220 cuprating. Maybe we can make a stat on this. I will try to put this into a statistic, but being a real amateur i’d rather have an experienced person doing this.

I’m thinking of comparing the strength on (fi) 2000 cups you really have and what’s the strength of the community is at 2000 cups. So you can see if you’re too weak for your cups. If so, you could go down in cups or just trying to get higher, so competition might be funnier. :smiley:

I look at it like this:

  • Team strength is what you have (total value of five heroes)
  • Cup value is what you can get if you know how to use those heroes.

Not all team strength is the same: One team might work together better than another, one might be more focused on DEF or OFF. Compare these two teams I have slapped together, just for team strength:



Neither of these is ideal…but one will do much better as an offensive team to pursue cups.


There is indeed some sort of a relation between cups and team strength. As @Rook shows it’s not an exact relation, some teams are better at gathering/keeping cups than others. But there is a concept called “glass ceiling” that definitely connects team strength with cups.

You can see this rather well for the biggest in player volume glass ceiling in this game: that of the 3.420 - 3.470 team strength. Which basically boils down to 5 maxed 4star heroes. Because that is a point in the game where almost every player will be stuck on for some while. It takes time to get that first useful 5*, and it takes even more time to get all the ascension mats for it.

For this team power the average glass ceiling was 2.200 cups pre 1.12, give or take 100. Your personal glass ceiling would depend on your team composition, activity, skill and luck. My current max cups with 3.469 is at 2.279.


Okay… totally wrong i suppose :smiley: @Rook @Bertus

So i’m supposed to do better with a 4* Wu Kong, Guardian Jackal, Caedmon, Sonya and Colen?

Where i could replace Colen with 3-54 magni or 2-60 Marjana? (Marjana is being leveled to 3-70 as soon as possible) ( just looking at my 4* tier4 heroes at first)
My current team consists of wu kong 4-53, bt4-70 and 3 other heroes (zeline tier 3, sartana tier3 and magni tier 3 all three close to 70)

So there is not a direct relation because one 3400 (your almost total healer team, Rook) is not the other (the total attack team). I don’t know if it’s gonna make any sense to continue this, though the issue has brought already some new knowledge to me :smiley:

I think @Rook 's full healer and full attack teams are the two extremes.

With the full healer team, you’d find you’d be having long stretched out fights, often ending up in tiebreaks. And with random being random your healers will be picked off one by one without you being able to strategically pick off defending targets. Neither enjoyable raiding nor very successful raiding.

With the full attacker team, you’re going glass cannon. Regardless how it ends, it will be over fast. Get a good board, and you win, get an average board, and with sound strategy you’ll win, get a poor board and nothing will help you.

Personally I prefer a balanced team. I run a team with two healers, a hitter/debuffer and a hitter/DoT, and a buffer (Wu). The healers keep me in the fight. The hitters/debuffers/Wu allow me to hit specific targets hard.

Also, while the team strength numbers indicate otherwise, a maxed 4* is generally better than a 3-70 5*. This is because the underlying DAM+HP+DEF are usually quite a bit better for the maxed 4*'s.

Your current team suffers as it is now from unmaxed heroes, meaning their specials weigh heavily into your scores but your DAM+HP+DEF is relatively low. An equal team score team with only (near) maxed 4* heroes would generally do better. However, the unmaxed heroes that you’ve got are pretty dang sweet. Your potential compared to an all 4* maxed team is huge.

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Yes Bertus, they were just for illustrative purposes. :slight_smile:

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A picture painted with words says more than a thousand words. :wink:

Ah so.

(20 characters) :wink:

Stating the obvious in that a team’s strength is only a (small) part of that team’s ability. So, Brobb’s assertion about putting an attack team together and, thereby, having an advantage is a (not only) big part of raiding.

But, Bertus’ glass ceiling shows how growing a team is a key to the bigger game. (Look at Luran’s vent about losing raids back in mid-March and see where he is now.)

What you get is, imho, an obsession with cup winning. That leads players to bang up their first 4/5* heroes which leads to hitting a ceiling which leads to posts about unfair raiding. Many posts!

If you want to rank a team, only way is by what titan loot tier you are getting.