Is there a regular sorcerer that's worth the upgrade to get the emblems?

I’m seriously doubting…

Having only regular sorcerers, is one of them worth upgrading to max level in order to get emblems?

As i look at quintus fi, i’m having Panther, Sartana and Kunchen on tier 4. Aeron and Khiona are waiting on tier 3 for leveling… In 2 months i probably have enough tabbards :smiley:

As for Sabina… that may be the only one acceptable.

I have Sabina and that Delay can be pretty cool!!! Unless it happens to you!

If Quintus is off the table, the only other choices for a normal sorceror are Sabina and Skittleskull. Sabina is a healer and doesn’t benefit much from the Delay talent, so I’d lean toward a DA or DH Skittleskull. Either one would work better with some extra defense, though.

If those are your options, i would do Sabina. I mean, a disspell AND a chance they can’t get the buff up again immediately, I’ll take it!

Delay only works on normal attack, so it doesn’t matter if Sabina is a healer. Skittleskull won’t cause delay from her multi attack special.

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Just looked it up again, and you’re right; it only affects normal damage. For some reason, I thought it worked on specials too. In that case, either one would work.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wouldn’t give emblems to any TC20 5* sorcerer. Im saving mine for Morgan le Fay (when I finish leveling her)

For 4*, Sabina is your best bet

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I’ve used Emblems on Sabina. I feel like it was a waste. I definitely will NOT use on Quintus (the most lackluster 5* purple hero). I’ve got both. Wish I could trade in these two for a Hel LOL

This seems the best place to post this question.
Which direction would you take Sabina?

Attack or beefy?

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Beefy she’s a healer


Who are the regular tc sorcerers?

For 4* just Sabina and Skittle

It does hurt because if you dont use them you dont profit. :slight_smile:

I am using all my emblems I get on 4* heroes.
Should the day come that I have a 5* on with to use them I can still get them back with a minimal loss if I have to use gems.

Meanwhile my 4* are that much stronger which allows me to do some class trials without carpet bombing the last stage.

My thought on it is that my Sabina gets daily use. She’s part of my raid attack team i use. So, while it doesn’t hurt to use them up, the extra add on does help me. I do have Mitsuko as a 5* sorcerer, but she’s still only at 2/60. I have very limited ascension materials right now, so not sure where she stands in getting leveled. I just upped Zim as my first 5* in final stage. Not sure if i should use my blades to pull 5* to 3 or to max 4s?

Sorcerer is the worst class for me.

I did not up a single hero even though I have most of the 4* and 5* heroes.

Have to start upping heroes which I dont use. Uggghhhh. :unamused:


She is too squishy, I’d buff her defence.


I’m debating actually giving skittle some shields. But, since i don’t have an excess, it would only help me in class quests or as adding to the strength of a team in war. I however have NOT maxed a 4* green at all. Didn’t think of how that would increase the difficulty of challenge events.
Not that it would matter in the one that’s hitting tomorrow as it’s reflect green.

I actually like Skittle, she has solid tile damage and her attack down is useful on blue titans (10 and 11s). If you have no other greens, I’d level her, but then again, I even leveled a Kashrekk I never used once (got him late, no use for 4 tank anymore). :joy:

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I have every season 1 4* in the game. I just chose early on to use my shields for my 5 greens instead of maxing a 4. Skittle was my first 4 green, so she holds a special spot and i use her in every war. And now it looks like it may be a while before i max a 4 green.
It’s not that i don’t like Skittle, it would definitely help me have a stronger sorcerer team if she was maxed. But, in about 2 weeks I’ll get my last tonic from Shrikewood and I’ll be maxing most likely Zeline. After i finish her I’ll make a decision between giving a 4 shields or pulling Evelyn to 3/70…

Mmm, in that case I would hold off on Skittle I think. I actually swim in 3* ascension items, so I have almost maxed 1 of each (season 1) 4*. On my 5* s only 4* ascension items are limiting factors, but in your position I would use the shields on Zeline for sure.

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