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Wazzup folks,

i was wondering if by now ( with costume mana bonus, troop and mana emblem, etc?) there’s a way to get a average mana speed to fast speed? I’m like 90 percent sure it cant be done (yet?) , but i think that there are costume heroes that can get like +4% through emblems, +5% through costume bonus and +x% for the maxed troop ( dont know how much bonus % you get at 29, might be 13%). That cant be to far away from getting 10 tiles to 8 right?


You probably mean from average to very fast. Because from average to fast you just need lvl 23 mana troops or costume heroes with lower mana troops.

That’s not true.

Average mana needs a 25% mana boost to get down from 10 tiles to 8 tiles (same as fast).
A level 28 mana troop gets you 15%.
Costume bonus adds another 5%.
A mana node gets you another 2 or 4%.
That still leaves you slightly short of the full 25% required.

In battle if you have a mana buffer this becomes more easily achievable, but this was not what you asked.

Edit: adding in my go to for mana info:


Perfect answer, thank you !

He is asking for speed and from average to fast you need 23 mana troopps.

From lvl 23 troops it goes to 9 tiles and fast is 8 tiles, so your still one tile short.


I had not realized this before, but the thread I linked above revists the question. I forgot to include family bonus which makes it possible to get an average hero down to fast.

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You can’t have family and costume bonus on the same hero, so you would need the family bonus at +7% at least with a hero that gets +4% from emblems, or a family bonus of +12%.

Only average hero in Wonderland is Queen of Hearts (only gets +2% from emblems, so needs full family bonus)
Sakura has Inari and Mitsuko but only 3 5* heroes, so not necessarily the best team composition. At least Mitsuko can get +4% from emblems.
Pirates has Sargasso and Lady Locke at average. Locke gets +4% from emblems.

you guys are awesome thanks !

Going to shamelessly drop this here, in case it is helpful to you. I’ve laid out sources for boosting mana: class emblem nodes, family bonus, mana troop, other heroes, elemental link, and what % you need to charge the special faster.

EDIT: updated graphic with Odin, beta HOTMs, and the new (still beta/unreleased) costumes.


But 9 tiles is pseudo fast. A fast hero with 8 tiles needs 3 3 matches to charge as a pseudo fast hero does also.
Reducing the speed from 4 3 matches to only 3 is a huge improvement.

Note: a slow hero needs 12 tiles, which is also 4 3 matches

So 12% (5% costume and 7% from lvl 5 troops) are enough

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With emphasis on pseudo because you’d have to pretend that dragons and diamonds don’t exist.

Yes I ignored them, 4 matches…

In the start of a battle, there is no possibility to ghost tiles, and to be honest, how often do you manage to make two 4 matches in the color of your fast hero charging in 8 tiles? Or one 4 mach and two regular matches for your average hero? 1 out of 25 battles?
But only 3 regular matches instead of 4 is a huge improvement. My costume rigard (insert any other average hero here, I took rigard as my pseudo fast cleansing and healing hero) with lvl5 mana troop made many losses to wins such often times right know in my experience, I would rate these battles at 1 out of 10 or even higher.
And when you lost a few fights very close and you see that you forgot to add the lvl 5 mana troop to your rigard (insert…), and you know that you would have won this one with correctly assigned troops, is priceless.


as @Sh3r1ff says the difference between an 8 tile hero and a 9 tile hero vs a 9 tile hero vs a 10 tile hero is huge. Pseudo fast is 90-95% as effective as a “true” fast and you will only rarely encounter a specific board scenario where having that extra tile shaved off would have changed the course of the match. Meanwhile getting a special ready through 3 match 3s vs more than 3 match 3s can often influence an outcome.

The pseudo-fast is the single biggest factor that makes costumed average speed heroes so valuable, the only drawback being 3* and 4* tournies where you cannot bring mana troops.


An another thumbsup for rush attack wars and tournaments, where my pseudo fast heroes with average mana and costume bonus charge in 6 tiles with lvl5 mana troops.
Mana speed is still the current meta.

This is one of the main reasons I level up a 2nd mana troop (if available) to 11 and a 3rd one (if available) to 5 and maybe later to even to 11. In my attacking 3stack, all 3 are boosted by mana speed is insane (Rigard, Alfrike and Seshat/Hel at 6 tiles, yummy)


Yeah two matches of 4 are rather rare but you can get a fast hero to 7 tiles and one dragon plus one match of 3 is very common for me, I’d say more common than 3x3 even. (I would even argue that it is the more valuable breakpoint but that depends on roster and play style)
If you lack the troops to reach 7 tiles, there’s still Diamond + 3-match and 4-match + 3-match + popping the dragon for the 8th tile and some more scenarios once ghosting is available, like 4-match into a gap.


Everyone sees a very huge improvement by getting a very fast hero from 7 to only 6 tiles with mana troops. I think we do not have to debate this

I see also a (not very but still) huge improvement by getting an average hero from 10 to 9 tiles.You see only a (very) small improvement.

I like it. If you don’t do so I am fine. So we should stop debating here. Lots of high rollers/whales try to get their multiple mana troops to 23 just because of this. Now us f2p folks can do the same only with costumes and minor mana troops makes me very happy and I love it. It wins me more wars and more raids and more tournament battles. Just that simple, my win rates have improved. And every small improvement one by another is a big improvement for your long term play goals.

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Not exactly saying that 10->9 is a small improvement, just that 8->7 seems highly underrated to me. In the end its all about beating the bad boards and in my experience 4+3 is often more achievable than 3x3 on a subpar board, especially because that 4-match generates an extra tile to use.
Now ive been pretty lucky with costumes and my troops are decent which is why i can play multiple 9-7-7 stacks, so i don’t have to choose between the two and i do agree that 9-8-8 would be way better than 10-8-7, so depending on your roster 10->9 might very well be much more valuable to you.

(Didn’t read all the responses so this may have already been said.)
During ninja tower you can get +15% or +20% mana regen through blessings. So that mixed with costume, plus a mana troop was an amazing combo. I had Raf firing incredibly fast which was super important.

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Which is only about 50,000,000 in food. Easy!

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