Is there a more useless hero than Morgan Le Fay?

She does absolutely nothing! Years ago she was my first non season 1 hero and i was so excited…until i started trying to use her

Salmon Loki

20 characters of fishy behavior


Salmon Loki and there is no close second.

Morgan La Fay is pretty good. Your just not using her right. You just set her to some hero in the back and let her go. Heals herself and drains down a high defense hero throughout the match. She isnt a sniper, you just have to know how to use her.


Completely underpowered when compared to any green hero - i even have many 4 star greens better than her - she is the proverbial water boy on the bench

She’s a little outdated stat wise and her special is nothing game changing, but to answer your question there are definitely more useless heroes than Morgan Le Fay :sweat_smile:


She’s fun and I like the concept but yes, she didn’t really scale well into today’s world. Main issue is that while at her release her special could drain more than half HP of the hero, today it’s more like 25-30%, not even including the HP boost. And there’s also all those ailment shields, monks, status blocks, equalizers etc. She got so many obstacles to overcome that your typical sniper doesn’t have to worry about to deal the same damage instantly.

I wouldn’t call her useless, just very, very poorly balanced and forgotten by the devs.


Klearn. 20 characters


Dawa lol​:joy::rofl:



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her artwork is awesome tho, i like to have her just to admire her artwork (just like zeline) they are well drawn and eye candy

Morgan le Fay has saved me many times in raids outlasting 3 enemy heroes by herself. In the specific circumstance where you can ghost tiles and have all 3 enemies being drained by a fast, self-healing Morgan, she is a standout.

That was at least a year ago, so she might not have the same level of effectiveness now, but at the time there were not many heroes who could survive 3 on 1 the way she can.


or Exeera?
not mentioning long forgotten Mok-Arr…


She is pretty to look at, ahhaha…

Towers :x:
Raid Defense :x:
Raid Offense :x:
Events :x:
Map Stages :x:
Titans :x:
Tournaments :x:
War wing was once her thing. Especially during Heal Aid. Which has been replaced by something far more broken and still has too many other options for nods to MLF.
The reason why the OP is correct is because of the options. There are too many other fresh greens for salads than this wilted old card.

Currently, I think someone would record many losses trying to prove the 3 on 1 argument in platinum arena. Forget about diamond…
Filling a fifth spot, I would take Lianna.
In this meta… she should be buffed.

Don’t feed her to SE… lol
In case that happens

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Morgan Le Fay is a hot MILF

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Maybe there are close seconds. HAHA

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Noor is pretty trash. Morgan used to be awesome. I watched 3 years ago as a Morgan tank war team took 8 flags. It was quite amazing. These days shes quite underpowered tho.

Maybe she has a niche paired with franz. She deals more DOT and as a result will heal more

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Noor is just very niche, and too often used outside her niche. Morgan is in the same cathegory. She can still be useful at least in the F2P area, where players are not guaranteed to have all the best heroes. She can still work as a counter to riposte/taunt heroes, not optimal but not everybody has better ones.

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morgan is at least nostalgic, there are many more useless heroes out there. like klaern…

Noor is a good counter to some of the current meta’s most common tanks, e.g. Freya and Hulda (and Bera, with a cleanser in the mix). Hulda in particular is considered quite a difficult tank to overcome by many so by that definition alone Noor can’t be trash. For me she holds a special place in my heart because she is an absolute auto farming super star and she helps me to avoid “playing” all those PVE levels that I hate so much.

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