Is there a market for Weekend Warrior / contract merc?

I’m a F2P (well, I spent $3 on rudolph’s VIP once) veteran. I have several good teams, I have contributed heavily to titans and wars in to 1000 alliance. I don’t want the game to rule my life, so that means I can’t be a regular contributor to an alliance.

I want to have a few high level alliances I can join on weekends or whenever I feel I can get all my titan flags. Also sometimes I’d opt in to weekend wars. I’d like to hunt high-level titans 12-14 to see what it’s like.

I don’t want to regularly chat on discord or line since I don’t want the game to rule my life. I’d prefer to join before titans spawn or right at the end so I don’t get reduced tier loot with an A grade (SG really doesn’t like mercs) I don’t want to get kicked before I can collect loot.

So, is there a place for me? Where would I go? Maybe I put discord or line on my pc and log in when I have time and see which alliances want help.

I have some good titan and war teams. I’ve climbed to #2 on raids once. Here’s my profile and top 30 heroes

We only hit 9* titans but you can try us out if you like. Guardians of Reset

8 Teams

You are most welcome to join hiding from recruiters, we are a chilled group, no line or discord, and war just ask you use all 6 flags, but hit who you like. We hit 7 & 8 star titans, and are daily players

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