Is there a list which hero must be at 4-80 to fully use special?

Difficult to make a nice topic title.

I want to know (and other people want to know too i suppose) which hero can be kept at 2-60 when special is maxed and which hero must be at 4-80 to be able to use the special fully?

I know Vivica can be kept at 3-70 because her max special doesn’t depend on strength hero. I believe Zeline is too. But can i find somewhere a list which heroe’s (apart from health, defence etc) must have 4-80

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Yeah, I’ve been wondering the same. It seems like some heroes max out their special regardless of level and ascension. Others need to be maxed.

One hero I’ve heard of needing to be maxed is Morgan Le Fey.

Heroes which debuffs the defense from titan like isarnia, u can let at 3/70. Snipers like joon or lianna you should ascend to 4/80 otherwise they are to squishy.

No. OP is asking about specials. There are heroes whose special maxes at a higher card level.

I know Azlar and Marjana have DOT that increases after 8/8.

Pretty simple

All healers are the same at 3-70 or 4-80 just different stats

All hitters doesn’t matter sniper or not should be at 4-80 for more damage

Khagan is the same at 2^60 as he is at max. Of course, this is his special which is the topic.

Well he’s special does deal less dmg at that level because of lower attack stat, so you could view it so that his special is not the same. Azlar, GM, and other dots are technically the same (dot is dependant of att stat) but they are just displayed as a straight number instead of a %.

On the topic:
If you want to use a hero/special for its damage (be it dot or normal damage) it would be better at 4/80.

If you want to use it for its effect (heal/-def/some buff/etc) it is the same at 2/60.

One exception is minions, as they take status from the caster they are better if the caster is 4/80.

Basically, all heroes with DoT have to be maxed for the highest possible DoT, because DoT scales with attack value of a hero. I’m not sure, if I remember them all, nevertheless, here are those I do remember:

FIRE: Marjana, Azlar, Grave Maker, Natalya (?), Colen, Kelile, Nashgar, Jahangir
NATURE: Lady Locke, Morgan, Yunan, Hisan
DARK: Sartana, Gafar, Jabbar, Proteus
HOLY: Rana, Arman

Not sure about Natalya and Proteus. EDIT: I’m now sure, both scale with attack.

Natalya continues to scale up until max

Forgive me for this, but it neglects a simple fact of the game—tiles do a lot of damage and are based on attack stat. Similarly, enemy attacks and specials have damage that is affected by defense stat. Both should be maxed and only are so at 4-80.

Yunan… skill max when hero lvl80.

Colen, too, I have him at 3/60 and DOT is far from max.