Is there a Line group for challenging events?🤔

Hi all. Was wondering if there are any line groups for challenging events. Try searching for some but did not find any.


For what reason?

20 whatever

To talk strategy about the upcoming events. To talk about colors that are working and not working characters that are working not working. Ways to scores improve scores and such.

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Seek me out and I can share some I’m in. @Rigs is another awesome source for Line.

@Dator u in any?

20 chars lol

No sir I am not.


Why not use Forum?

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I do use the forum. But sometimes it’s hard to find new information about events. Also sometimes there is no active chatter about the event that is going on at that moment. That’s why I was questioning if there was a line group.

Anyone have any useful Line chat groups (empires and puzzle related). I can only reread forum topics so much before it will drive me crazy.

I know just line groups that are not mentioned to be public…but I know some discord servers instead…

@Richter in line if you dont mind sharing

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