Is There a Limit to Support Tickets You Can Submit?

My app has been crashing regularly, multiple times per day. I was able to submit one ticket which was responded to but all other tickets have gone into limbo. After going through the Captcha image grid to prove I am human the page remains blank and no automatic email is generated and I have no responses.

The tablet I use exceeds the minimum requirements, I now have ALL other apps closed and yet the game crashes 2-3 times per day. Raid/WE losses are so terrible, war flags are infuriating.

I hoped that reporting the crashes would help them see the cause of the crashes and fix them. It appears there is a control to limit the bug/error reports from a single user.


I believe they have a system that filters and looks for dupes so the real people don’t get bogged down. If one is thru and the others are dupes, I’d say you’re fine.

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