Is there a limit on 5* heros?

I’ve spent $50 on event summons this week and received 20 worthless heros. If I can’t get any more 5*, I’ll spend elsewhere. Same thing happened in season 3 summons. Ridiculous!

Read this: What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")

There is no limit. Just low odds of getting 5* heroes.


Sadly you can spend a bit and get good n spend loads n get food!.
They do post odds on the chance of getting 5* hero
@Guvnor I’m not coming back thread?


Low odds I get, but busting 30 straight times defies odds.

I get that, but if I busted 30 straight times playing 21, that would defy the odds…

If there were a barrel full of 100 heroes:

Legendary Classic: 1.5%
Legendary Event: 1.0%
Legendary HOTM: 1.3%

That’s 3.8% total - so if we round UP, that’s 4 out of 100 heroes being legendary. It’s very plausible that you’d get 30 and not get a legendary. It’s NOT FUN to be on the losing end of a summons spree, I’ve been there myself. Set limits and be ready for the letdown. I hope you have a string of great pulls to even it out!

Rumple is available next event I believe
Try yah hand at pulling him

Actually it doesn’t defy any odds. The chances of not pulling a 5 star event hero after 30 draws = (1 - 0.01)^30 = 74%.

So odds are, that 74 out of every 100 players who does a 30 pull will not get a single 5 star hero.

That’s just how it is unfortunately.



Bad streaks happen

Try again next time

Blah blah “unicorn rainbow speech of optimism” blah blah


Anytime you use a summon portal

You have a 99% chance of getting screwed. The 1% chance is rare, sometimes streaky but still rare

So just expect to get screwed and it’s not as disappointing. There, life lesson of the day…


Let me bookmark this quote for future reference.


Yes, this must be a banner above every summon portal in the game.

Thanks. I was really just making sure they didn’t have a cap. I guess just a bad streak. Really don’t need any 5*, just wanted some of the new ones.

The odds of busting 30 straight times are astronomically low. The odds of not pulling a 5* hero 30 times in a row though…

100% - 3.8% = 96.2% chance of not pulling a 5* hero per summon

96.2% ^ 30 (raised to the 30th power) = 31.2% chance of not pulling a 5% hero in those 30 summons. Not astronomically low.

Closing thread for two reasons:

  1. It sounds dangerously similar to this vent thread.
    Summons are ridiculous

  2. If you’re genuinely concerned I 1000000% recommend reading these two threads on the risks and warnings involved in summoning:


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