Is there a limit broke problem for everyone?

Hello yep its me again, why oh why am i being bugged. Yes it happened to me again. Lost some data. Proof well i will let yall tell me again that i am wrong.

I know the regular hero was completed before the costume. But am i wrong?

Uh, what proof? Nothing in those screenshots prove anything.

You have to LB the hero before you can LB the costume, but leveling them afterward can be in any order.


Yeah. Nothing impossible here. You have to LB the hero before you can LB the costume but that’s it. I often level the custom first before the base hero because it’s quicker to level. You can do the same thing when leveling them up. Ascend the hero to 4/1 and the costume and take the costume up to 80 first. Same thing. Getting the costume to 89 is a lot quicker and easier to accomplish than the base hero.

If I don´t plan on using regular version, but only the costume I never level regular version to 85. Just LB at lvl 80, then LB and level the costume to 85.
Similar to emblems really. Need to get regular version to 80, but then you do the emblems according to the costumes path.

Wow, now I looked at my heroes and I lost data too

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