Is there a Guide for Optimal Hero Leveling?

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Perhaps I am using incorrect search terms, but is there a guide re: how far it makes sense to level each hero? I know I’ve read that not every 4* or 5* is worth the ascension mats to take them to their max level. Is there one place to go to look at all the heroes?
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There are guides to heroes (most famously this one), but which ones make sense to level and focus on really depends on which ones you personally have.

If you’d like some personal advice, you can post screenshots of your hero roster and people will answer questions you have and make suggestions. :slight_smile:


Also, if you’re just looking for a list of all of the heroes without guidance, this one is excellent:

Thank you Zephyr! I must have just seen it in context as you said…I refer to the chart you linked regularly. I was thinking more of when people say "It’s not worth leveling (hero name) past (level).

I will go look at how to post screen shots!

There is always “something to do while you’re waiting!”
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That might exist, but it would be someone’s opinion — there are few heroes that universal advice can be given for without considering which heroes are available to a specific player.

Even a hero like Dawa, who is widely regarded as one of the worst heroes in the game, has likely nonetheless been used effectively by many players at some point. (Though Dawa at least is one hero I’d never recommend leveling.)

This might help once you’ve taken them:

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