Is there a glitch with buffs

I’ve been noticing that sometime special just aren’t sticking and aren’t misses this is most noticeable with Proteus i’ve fired no blind or wu going and nothing sticks and then a turn later his special will pop up on the hero and other times not at all is this just me

This is probably the same underlying issue as here:

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Possibly but i thought i noticed athena debuff not stick earlier and no other buffs were in play. Happened too fast for a screenshot. But will try to catch it next time

One common factor I’ve spotted with the fire type DoT symbol on an enemy is that it isn’t always showing if the target is about to die of it on the next round. I haven’t spotted the same pattern with other debuffs I use, but fire (GM is fun) is the only multi-target debuff I consistently use in raiding, so it’s the one I’d be most likely to spot that kind of pattern in.

I personally haven’t noticed this. That said, this issue has been brought up a bit on the forums so maybe there is something to it (buggy).

Noticed this a few times now. If you set Inari’s SS off and move tiles before the animation finishes, the fox minions do not appear although the dodge is still in effect. Witnessed this during raid.

I’ve seen it with many specials, including the green shield of Evelyn and Gravemaker’s fire

Foxes will show up only on Heroes where has been dodge special skill. Not before. So if no one heroe or monster will shoot SS on you it will not summoan any foxes.

I’ve noticed several missing icons from specials, too. Not just Inari.

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Me too I’ve noticed Wilbur will not do defense down at times, but still
Has the share damage

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I have noticed that sometimes an icon is obscured by the enemy firing order circle. You can see just bits of the status icon behind it

glad i’m not losing my mind

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