Is there a bug

When i attacked a enemy i was hitting his player time after time but there was almost nothing gone of his strength. Normaly when i am stronger there is going at least 2 or 3 down. Also when i hit the titan i did quit a lot of damage. Now i do less then my team even when they have a wekker team.

Would be good if you mentioned some numbers. How much were the hits for and what kind of attackers and defenders. Was any buffs or debuffs present?

If you hit with gems and don’t have that color hero in the team all gems do just 1 damage. That could be what happened. One common mistake is to swap around heroes and forget set the troops. That can lower damage if you usually have strong troops and now have 1* level 1 troops.

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I understand Arien, i will make screenshots next time. Then you can give a better answer to the situation. It does not happen always but so now and then. My team was at full strength. So i will post it next time whit the screenshots okay?


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