Is there a bug on team power during raids?

How in the heck does a 3700 power team lose to a 2200 team? And not just lose, but get blown out by said 2200 team! Is there a handicap system or not? It’s ridiculous trying to figure out how ur raid systems works. Teams near the same power could go either way, but when there’s a drastic difference in team powers, there’s no way the lower team should ever beat the higher team power. It’s just not thinkable. It’s like saying a 3 star leveled up to 70 will beat a 5 star leveled to 70. It should never happen.

Does your opponent only field 3 heroes for defense?

Your defense team power is 3700 and someone beat you. You look at their defense team power is 2200. Did I get that right?

If so, I’d say that you don’t know what team they used to attack you. It’s very possible they are not putting their strongest heroes in defense team to make revenges easier.


Welcome to colour stacking…and by the way I have used Nordri in a blue stack to take out 5* heroes.

This game would not have the following it does if all you have to do to win is build bigger teams than your opponent!

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