Is there a bug in summons?

I’m very annoyed with the summons since the last event. I’ve purchased so much to try and summon a 5 star nature hero, but ever since then up to now, I’ve been getting straight 3 stars. Is there a bug or something going on? Could you guys please look into it? It’s really frustrating. Thank you.

I wish I could but I don’t work for them. I’m just a player to.

:joy: I was asking the ENP team. Lol

But thanks for the attempt hahaha.

Also, would enjoy some feedback from the community in regards to this. How has yours been?

Summons are like Gacha, think you should read the thread somewhere. Moreso, in this game, you have percentages of getting heroes, if you click on the question? Mark on the summon page, you will see various percentages of getting each group of heroes, getting 3* heroes unfortunately has higher percentage than other hero groups. I think the system is working per design, no bugs my friend.
You always need luck when it comes to any game of chance, so good luck to you on future sommons.

I got Buddy and Evelyn in my 10 pull along with 2 Kashreks. They must have fixed the bug.


I pulled Mother North from my second ten pull last night, so it must just be bad luck. Usually takes anywhere from 10-100 pulls to get a 5*. If you’re looking specifically for green, might try elemental for better odds

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The odds for winning in a Vegas Casino is higher than in this game… And there I can win actual real money!

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that’s true)) let’s go to Vegas!))

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The weird thing is I always get some kind of good heroes through summons and lately it’s been nothing but three stars. Even recently, I summoned from the elemental summon many times and still gotten 3 stars straight. So weird.

I waited for it and tried it, and still getting 3 stars. Smh

Evelyn would be cool lol but I got jack. I’ve done so many summons and still getting 3 stars. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m happy for you. Max her out. She’ll be useful.

I’d just say it’s just you good streak breaking and now you’re in your dry season. It happens. Even in elemental summon 71 summons out of 100 produce a 3*. So several 3* on a row is not Anyway out of the ordinary.

How many summons have you done exactly since this started? And how many 3*?

It’s just how it is then. Bummer. I’ve summon at least 30 times. Ridiculous right? :joy::sob: My recent summon today, I started getting four stars again, but duplicates except 1 - Merlin. :roll_eyes: Oh well. I guess I’ll work with my heroes that I have now and forget summoning for a while. :disappointed:

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