Is there a benefit for warring in high-powered, coordinated alliances vs in weaker, FFA alliances?

I’ve been wondering about this for a while now and I’m turning to you all for your thoughts on the matter!

I know that more powerful titans have better loot drops but is there any advantage to fighting in an alliance that gets more powerful opponents rather than an alliance that gets weaker opponents?

As long as an alliance maintains a similar membership and fighting style, shouldn’t the matchmaking then provide them with opponents in their range, regardless of where they are in the spectrum via the war scoring formula?

Am I correct in thinking that the advantage of the high-powered, coordinated alliance is that you are in a higher-ranked alliance and you get to fight wars as a team with lots of coordination and the excitement that goes with that?

Whereas, the weaker FFA alliance is great for people who want to be active in the game but not commit to a schedule around wars.

Regardless of which type of alliance is in, shouldn’t the war chest be able to be filled at a similar rate theoretically?


As far as I can tell, there is no difference in loot based on war scores / levels of alliances you’re fighting against.

Theoretical advantage of being in a more coordinated alliance is that you’re supposed to win more often. However - matchmaking being the way that it is, it usually pairs winning alliances against winning alliances, meaning that the wars aren’t necessarily going to be easier in a well coordinated alliance.

However, I would still caution against being in an alliance with zero coordination at all, because they have a chance of even losing wars that they should have easily won.


For me that adds to the frustration factor when I see a weak team repeatedly attack an strong opponent for little or no gain instead of doing clean-up or whatnot so it’s hard for me to be zen with no coordination whatsoever. BUT, theoretically as long as the players play the same way consistently, including those who make me bang or scratch my head, shouldn’t matchmaking take that into account as well and drop us a bit more after we lose a couple of wars?

I appreciate your thoughtful reply TGW. I’ve been wondering about this stuff for quite some time and haven’t seen it discussed specifically.

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Yes, if your alliance keeps making stupid mistakes, the matchmaking is supposed to pair you against another alliance that also repeatedly makes stupid mistakes. LOL.

Unfortunately… alas, I am once again referencing my original alliance here (from 2+ years ago, so matchmaking may have changed a bit since then)… original alliance had several good people in it. The leaders were kind and helpful. But when it came to teamwork and strategy? There was none. Nearly every war was a complete disaster, because you had one guy over here picking his nose and not using flags; another guy over there using his 4k TP teams to one shot all the 2500 TP defenses and then “dropping the mic” and strutting away like he was king of the world; another guy whining that “these teams are too strong!” and instead of someone coordinating a tag-team effort with them, they decide to waste all 6 of their flags attacking the biggest target on the field for 0 points… then skulking away angry screaming about how that other guy took all the easy targets so it’s not his fault that he scored zero, at least he used all his flags so nobody can claim that he didn’t try… etc. etc. etc.

Oh my… it was awful.

Sad part was that most of our opponents were probably overall weaker than us, and we could have easily defeated all of them with a bit of coordination. But alas, instead, that alliance almost never won a war. :man_facepalming:

It’s one thing to be somewhat casual, and to allow individual members freedom in how they prefer to war. It’s another thing altogether to just throw all the members into the war and tell them “have at it! Anything goes!”


Honestly, this is the main advantage to being in a high-powered alliance. You take down the high level titans with regularity meaning you’re getting the best chances at loot regularly.

Added to this, you do not pass titans so you open the Titan chest every 5 titans (meaning emblems & the chance at more loot).

Plus you get more rare titans because you aren’t passing titans… so you hit the 7-11 defeated titans between rares quicker.

There is another benefit (which doesn’t always play true but is more often than not). That being in a high-power alliance, you’re typically playing with other experienced players who are equally enthusiastic about the game… So there aren’t the frustrations like unexplained absenses, lack of communication, leaving war flags on the battlefield etc… Generally speaking, people know what to do and they do it… Less headaches (in theory) for leadership.

Regarding Wars, there is a misconception that all “High-powered” alliances are rigerous & strict with having a defined war strategy… I.e. people must attack between x time and y time and ONLY then hitting a given list of targets etc…

That isn’t the case necessarily.

Couple things to note:

  1. The difference between “strongest” and “weakest” opponents in high-level wars is much much less noticable than in mixed alliances… The difficulty is essentially the same…

  2. There is a lot of similarity between all defences in high-power alliance wars… Often you can look at the enemy war field and see >50% is practically the same defence team… The only variation is troop level & some emblems here and there…

  3. The thing that wins wars is One-Shots… Not a strategy or anything. One-Shots…

So essentially, this presents several flaws with the traditional war strategies of “farming” waves (either the Flip, Farm FFA strategy OR the 3x Farming waves then FFA) in that there are not necessarily “easy” targets… Everyone is worth approximately the same number of points and everyone is approximately the same difficulty… So picking “farming” targets becomes harder and less relevant…

So much so, that there are a fair number of “top” alliances which don’t bother with any defined wave or farming stragety… They go with “hit what you can kill when you can”…

Because like i said, One Shots win wars… Nothing else. The more one-shots and less “wasted” flags used on tank-busts and clean-ups = higher alliance scores.

Edit to add & make clear:


Good point. I can only imagine the loot that you all get stringing together high level titans! Thanks for sharing your perspective on titans and wars.

I went from an alliance defeating 6-7* titans to one defeating 12-13* titans and didn’t find the extra loot to be worth it. Vastly more resources (mostly battle items) were needed to even survive, let alone have a decent score, against 12-13* titans. I went from scoring As against lower titans to scoring Bs and Cs against higher titans and burning resources to do it. Ascension materials might have shown up slightly more often, but battle items and crafting materials were a net negative.


Well, here is the most concise formula in winning wars. The more one shots made on all war flags available and the lesser cleanup efforts done than the enemy alliance, the more likelihood of winning wars. If I am not mistaken, perfect one-shot alliance score is 9,000.

If that’s the case then they won’t be IN a high level alliance.

And that’s fine… Nobody is forcing anyone to BE IN the high level alliance… they’re there for those that WANT to be in that situation…

I’m honestly a little confused by your response & quoting of my comment… It doesn’t really refute or construct on any of the content (given all the “naturally” and “goes without saying”…)

My comment was directed to the OP’s question, SPECIFICALLY about High Powered coordinated alliances. THAT is what my response was directed to…

I’m not arguing that everyone and anyone people should be in a high level alliance, because that’s not a thing… Never has been and never will be. People go to an alliance which is at a level of competitiveness, commitment & difficulty that they are comfortable with. Then add to that that the alliance has to have the right “feel” for the individual too… That’s the way it is and how it’ll always be…

As I said, I’m not arguing anything. Just simply stating what DOES HAPPEN in a high level alliance…

It comes back to a balance really. Most great alliances that are capable will hold off on killing a titan until ALL their members reach C-Grade loot (1% of the total titan HP).

You also need to find a balance in your own performance in terms of the resource consumption per hit. And that quantity is an individual thing…

That’s for a perfect score where both alliances have equal members.

Anyways to circle back to the actual OP:

  • There are High-Powered alliances that do FFA as their war strategy
  • There are lower-powered alliances that have strict war strategies
  • There is not any benefit beyond personal preference…
  • The key is finding an alliance which
    • At a difficulty that you want
    • At a similar level of competitiveness & dedication that you want
    • Made of people of a similar nature/ environment & community that you want

I wouldn’t call it excitement. These days wars feel the same because it is an old routine at this point in the game. At the top alliances you’ll see more burn out among players because of war rather than enthusiasm for war. The new war effects have changed things a little bit but not anything fundamentally. There will be some players that care about war results because that affects alliance ranking.

If an alliance is on a win streak they will fill up the chest faster. They will also face tougher opponents until their win/loss modifier on their war score reaches its upper limit, or cap. If an alliance can keep winning wars even though they are at their win/loss cap they will fill the chest faster while facing roughly the same level of opponent in each war. In theory that gives an advantage to the coordinated / dedicated alliances. In reality they face other alliances that are just as dedicated. Yet, hitting one’s win/loss cap and continuing to win wars does happen though.

The real problem with the casual alliances is that their best strategy to winning wars is for them to use all their flags.


Very true! The challenge is real just getting players to consistently use all of their war flags and hit the titan daily (at least from my experience in a few alliances). Until an alliance has all of its members doing those two things, it probably isn’t worth trying to coordinate tanks, implement an attack strategy, etc.

Yep…my alliance has lost many wars we should have won because some didn’t use their flags. It’s maddening, but that’s accepted by our leader and most of the rest of our casual alliance. The ones that really rub me wrong are the ones that get on and use ONE flag to get credit for “participating” and don’t use the rest. Total horsec- - -. Punish those effers SG!!!

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I average 1 4* per week. Have tracked this over about 8 weeks now. I hit anywhere between c and a tier… it’s hard to get a high tier in my alliance as most titans are dead by halfway

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For me hitting at a b average on 14 titans is a huge leap in loot particularly 4* mats than lower level titans, and well worth it

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Lol. It’s the leader who should “punish” those players! :rofl: it sounds like you need to find a different alliance, maybe?
Even in my training alliance, when the highest players were around level 25, on down to brand new players. We used coordinated tanks. Number one rule was use all war flags or don’t war. Even if having to save up 2* feeders the night before to flesh out teams. We often won by a few points that last flag got, because the other, stronger alliance just didn’t bother using their flags.
We also did let people know, they joined a Team. So be a Team player. If it was baseball and you don’t show up to play the whole game, you would be asked to find another team…


This sums up the topic. Very well said.

I have been playing since Feb 2020. I have only been in two alliances. My first alliance was full of great people. I still miss them. But there was no strategy and lots of flags left unused. We were losing too many wars. I could not blame anyone because that was the way that they played the game. All of them had their real life going on and they spent less time than me in the game. I had to leave.

Now I am in an alliance that fits the key points in that quote above from Guvnor. I am very happy. I like every single member of my current alliance too, like I did my first. But here, everyone is participating, we have a good team spirit. Good leadership and support. We coordinate tanks and use all the flags. Thats the only strategy. But it is a strict rule and leadership is managing it very well. Attacks are FFA. We are having fun. There is no pressure, no dictating. We cheer for one shots and whine and curse for bad boards together. I am happy and having fun.

I wouldn’t be happy in an alliance that has attacking strategies, neither with an alliance that has no strategy.

So, I think the benefit is in the company. If you can find an alliance that suits you, you will enjoy the game…


Any openings in your Alliance for someone who is level 29, defense team power of about 3,100, relatively new player, but enjoys the game and being an active (but not hyper-active) player?

Hello Christian,
Here is our receuitment thread on the forum:

Have a look, if you think it suits you, you are very much welcome! Only requirement is 1800 cups.

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m just not strong enough yet. But I do appreciate you taking the time to respond!

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