Is the vampire lady worth the material

Hello! I’m looking to level up another 4*blue hero, I’ve already got a few maxed(like Kiril x2, Grimm, Sonya). Now I have Valeria x2, Boril and another Grimm. Don’t really want a tank so I’m choosing between Valeria and 2nd Grimm, I was planning for the vampire lady but her atk is low, so would you give the warm capes to Valeria or the 2nd Grimm?

I would ascend second Grimm. But I don’t have Valeria, but her stats and speacial look pretty nah to me. Grimm has very high attack, good for war and with red titan you can use both. There were many players using two Grimms in red hood event.

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I don’t think you can go wrong with a 2nd Grimm, but I’ll just note that Boril, to me, is not a tank. He’s a (good!) red titan hunter and (decent) war attack team option. :slight_smile:

I play with Valeria and it’s fun. As she is super fast i do recommend her :grin:

What do you want it for?

I have 4* 4.70 Grimm and 4* 3.60 Grimm, Kiril and all very helpful for rare quests and farming.


A second Grimm does nice match/ board/ physical damage. Splash damage special skills are good for auto play farming.

==Valeria ==

I use my Perseus 5* 2.60 a lot versus healers in war and raids. So I am leveling Valeria to 4* 3.60 for anti- healer duty and Damage Over Time ( not effected by defense stat or riposte, still does damage if Melendor/ Sabina/ Boldtusk/ Kiril do a heal in the middle of her DOT ).

==Boril ==

Gryphonkit, my wife, is destroying in Diamond arena attacking with Rigard, Cyprian, Tiburtus, Obakan and Hansel because riposte, Ramming Pulverizer and special skill control against A.I. Apparently are great. Also nice again Joon & Guinevere.

Kiril, Boril, Grimm, Valeria might make a decent attack team especially against Ares but not as much versus Gravemaker or Natalya.


I can give you advice, but I lack the necessary information.

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