Is The Synergy Created Dangerous To The Game?

This is a question to all the beta testers and/or other players who have read through the threads and feel well informed on the topic. Is the synergy between Telluria, Vela, and Jean Francios dangerous in terms of how it will affect F2P and C2P players? Do you or have you seen this synergy as overbearing or does it feel like the current tank & flank meta.

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Bonus Questions

Has any testing with this synergy against the season 3 slate been done and if so what are the results? If not is this something that could be appealing to test? Finally with the April HOTM being vastly different from the first three slated for 2020 do you all think that Mays purple HOTM could possible be a rehash continuance of the trend set by the first three?

I’m going to go ahead and update this to include the season 3 heroes and the synergy they might have with each other. Obviously they’re just now reaching Beta and there’s no telling how they will actually be released but this is just to generate helpful discussion if possible I would also like to add that the season 3 heroes could possibly have great synergy with existing hero families…


Think may purple hotm will be a sniper to finish out the rainbow defense of the first 4

Rest I’ll touch on in a few


I would say that my experience in Beta so far is that something like a Telluria tank with a JF flank is noticeably more challenging than something like a Kunchen or Ursena tank with Drake and GM flanks.

Whether that’s dangerous for F2P/C2P players is sort of debatable, since it depends how frequently you’d run into that sort of lineup. Plus a small amount of tweaking of Telluria could bring her pretty in line with other top tanks — so it feels a little early to have a formed opinion on this, since she could very likely get further updates in Beta.

Telluria wasn’t in Beta at the same time as the first testing of the Season 3 heroes — but I suspect we’ll have an opportunity to test them together if the Season 3 heroes return to Beta soon.


Im hoping that this thread will be revisited in March after we have all three released. I just decided to create it now to avoid forgetting the idea later.

As for this I look forward to revisiting as well if and when it presents itself.


It’s too early to comment on Telluria much, as she is released in March and may see more adjustments.

But IMO the upcoming synergies won’t be anything more overbearing than what we have now with the Gravemaker, Guinevere, Ursena etc meta. Nothing worse than what we’re currently dealing with right now.

J.F. may also receive some tweaks, I’ve seen suggestions to extend his burn to 3-turns, which I am not against myself. Whether that does happen or not, he will still be as good of a flank to Telluria as he would be to Yunan, Ursena or Boss Wolf.


Not having tested Vela in Beta I can’t say for sure but I can say that Tulleria tanks and any fast damaging flanks hurt… A lot…

But I echo Z’s comments. It’s damaging and frequent in beta but everyone in beta gets given the heroes at maxed and can use unlimited food essentially to reemblem them however you want… Is that as likely in RL? Not really.

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Quoted for ease of access

Very interested to hear what your responses are now that the heroes are out in the game.

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My opinion has changed a bit as I think they work well together but do not create anything as insane as I was expecting.


Same thoughts as before:


Since I am not F2P and have a good roster of anti-DOT, anti-mana control heroes like Grazul, Costume Rigard, Poseidon, Seshat, etc, I’m not too overwhelmed by this crew. However it sounds like a total nightmare if you’re relegated to mostly S1 heroes. At least you have Rigard I guess?

Too early to say now. But we’ll see things change soonish once mats and emblems have trickled in for all these new shiny toys and players have to get used to seeing their offense or defense wiped out by the charges of 2 or 3 AoE heroes

Some players have already figured it out. Some are still worried about snipers goin off. Some are still thinking fast mana snipes are the top dogs for their O teams.

Some still think the mana troop hype we’ve seen the past 2 yrs will continue…

All i can say is, start raiding as many teams as you can that have multiple fast/v fast AoEs and start making the adjustment and start raising your crit troops for offense

Basically way I’m shifting my O teams(which have started with my D team as well)

Is wipin a team or at least 3 out of 5 and solidly damaging the other 2 in 9 tiles or less


Riposte, reflection, minion eating and cleanse are becoming more and more useful.


Telluria - Vela is a really menacing couple. I fought against them a few times with little success, using the same red mono team that I use against Kunchen or Ursena. To my surprise, a red mono team that usually wins against highly emblemed consacrated purple tanks is reduced to silence by a green tank. Highly emblemed Telluria activates her paladin talent quite often, making her even harder to kill. On the other hand, Vela with high level mana troops reduces red damage making it impossible to kill Telluria. Even for those who own Zim or Grazul, charging them in time to counter Vela is a real challenge… Adding JF will most likely result in the inability to use Wilbur, who is a key member of any red mono team. I can easily conclude, first hand, Telluria + Vela is a big problem for f2p, like no other couple I’ve ever faced. Adding JF will make it harder.


I’m f2p and lucky enough to get santa and zim.

Here’s the video about telluria, vela and JF synergy.

Telluria is a very hard tank and i must stack 5 red to kill it quickly.
I learned that after take out telluria, the second one to take out immediately is vela as she harm my stacking red the most.

JF not really that hard and not a priority.

I love facing tough team tho


Nice vids, appreciate seeing it in action. You could argue JF is the reason you lost that first fight. You had to hold onto Gormek because of JF’s defense down flip and never got to fire him.

I feel like at this point JF might be underrated. I’ve run into him in plenty of raids and wars now and found myself sitting there wondering if it would be worth it to take the defense boost flip penalty from his special in order to cause the damage I want to cause immediately, or if I should wait. So I’m scanning the board figuring out if I can follow up with damage or if I have a few easy matches to waste a few turns instead… they have not been easy choices. Sometimes I overcome it and sometimes I don’t.

Point being, I honestly feel like he’s good. I definitely don’t like to see him go off. Don’t have him on offense but imagine he’s good there too.

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So…just took a peak at the raid leader board and I see a lot of Telluria and Vela combos in the top 10…and I’ve even seen multiple replica teams (position, number of emblems, heroes ect) tele and vela seem to be quite the match

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Happening sooner than i expected

But never surprised when I’m wrong lol


The reason you don’t see much JF and instead see GM, is that JF was neutered before release! Proof that he needs to be buffed:

Use him on attack just fine

Defense isn’t everything(actually quite a small part of the game considering how much it’s rewarded…when’s the last time you opened a chest or got any kind of reward cause you had a good defense?..)


I do. He is my only good red 5*. He is an ok hero, but you would normally expect more from a hotm than what he can do, especially when compared to Telluria and Vela, Clarissa coming up.